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Supplies and Demand: Kristen Wentrcek of Wintercheck Factory


Kristen Wentrcek, a Brooklyn transplant from El Paso, heads up Wintercheck Factory with five of her closest friends. What started in June 2009 as a furniture line has now expanded into fashion goods, too—like safety goggle-inspired sunglasses and scarves with pockets that help you keep your keys in check. Here, the woman behind it all talks to us about what keeps her moving. jiayi    

“I never find it tough to get through a day as long as I have sneakers on—preferably a pair of Nike Air Max 90s. I’m not sure how serious anyone can take me when I’m wearing them in a meeting, but if I have to trek to a warehouse in the middle of industrial Brooklyn, I’m bringing my best. I also make sure to do thirty push-ups a day, so I can lift boxes off loading docks.”


Pomegranate Dot Christie Dress
. 60 OF A KIND .
Pomegranate Dot Christie Dress BY Della
$ 148
Gold Ditto Throw
. 40 OF A KIND .
Gold Ditto Throw BY DittoHouse
$ 160
Celine Ear Jackets
. 50 OF A KIND .
Celine Ear Jackets BY One Six Five
$ 75
Alpaca and Wool Wrap Cardigan
. 35 OF A KIND .
Alpaca and Wool Wrap Cardigan BY Until Soon
$ 350

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