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Emerging Thing of the Week: Apothic Red


You know what we like? Wine. You know what we like even more? Well-priced wine. And this week we are psyched to announce—unveil if you will—a partnership with the super-cool Left Coast brand Apothic Red, a winery that delivers just that. Inspired by the vino, Clare Vivier (whose two other Of a Kind editions are long gone) made what we’ve been calling wine tags: sleek, classy-shassy takes on wine charms that you’d be happy to have your glasses wearing. 

Apothic—which comes from the wordapotheca, the mysterious place where vintners stored their most coveted stuff in 13th Century Europe—is a blend, and the exact mix changes every year, depending on the growing season and the way things shape up at the winery. For the 2010 vintage, Boyd Morrison, the man at the helm over there, added Cabernet Sauvignon to the Zinfandel-Syrah mix, and the result earns our fave wine descriptor: jammy. He takes his with coffee-dusted flatiron steak, gorgonzola-stuffed figs, and pizza with spicy sausage. Totally cool if you pair yours with a couch and some Parks and Rec—we feel you.


Emerald Trio Gold Necklace
. 40 OF A KIND .
Emerald Trio Gold Necklace BY Ochre Objects
$ 298
Tapered Arc Studs
. 50 OF A KIND .
Tapered Arc Studs BY Malka Dina
$ 79
Triangle Pearl Earrings
. 45 OF A KIND .
Triangle Pearl Earrings BY 8.6.4
$ 120
Pinstripe Picnic Dress
. 50 OF A KIND .
Pinstripe Picnic Dress BY Christine Alcalay
$ 275

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