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Mother Lode: How Jesse Kamm Preps Her Son for Panamanian Rainstorms


Of all of the downright trying things about having a kid, traveling has got to be at the top of the list—strollers through airport security, diaper changes in plane bathrooms, etc., etc. But that hardly stops Jesse Kamm for packing up her little boy and all his gear for regular trips to their home in Punta Carenero, an island in Panama. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked her to share one thing she never continent-hops without.

“I love Kamik kid’s rain boots. There are made in in Canada, and Julien goes through a pair every four to six months. He is breaking in a new pair, in preparation for his summer in the rainforest. Stomping in puddles—and keeping fire ants off of your feet—are key to happy days.” —jesse

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