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Movie Time With Melissa Coker

BY alisha prakash 06/04/2012

Tavi doing her thang in one of the Wren films.

Though Melissa Coker puts together lookbooks for her sweetly fresh line Wren, she’s also gotten into the habit of collaborating with ridiculously buzzy and stylish directors and actresses—Karen Elson! Julia Restoin Roitfeld! Gia Coppola!— to create short films that bring her clothes to life. “It’s a dynamic way to tell the story of the brand. You can really tell a story in a way that a rack of clothes could never,” she explains. Press play on two of Melissa’s most recent movies and get the lowdown on the women who made them. 



114 wren
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Wren

The Girls: “I reached out Maximilla Lukacs, the director, and Sarah Sophie Flicker was someone that we had worked with before. I really like her aesthetic—I’ve known her personally for a long time. I just like that idea of collaborating with these different groups of females. The styling was done by Leith Clark, who’s the editor of Lula magazine. It’s sixties-inspired, which is the direction Tavi’s personal style is taking at the moment.”


WHAT’S UP?, Spring 2012

The Story: “There was something called Carmageddon, where a freeway was going to close down, and everyone was losing their minds because they thought they were going to be trapped in their houses. It was shot that weekend and was inspired by it—you’re trapped in your home, and you’re bored. It’s a spring film—very California, sunlight, and lazy days.”

The Girls: “Leith worked on this one as well. I had seen some films Gia Coppola, the director, had made, and I thought she was really great and had a quirky aesthetic that is very Wren. She wrote the story and then cast a family friend to be in it.”


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