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Inside Job

Ali Golden’s Temescal Alley Tour

Inside Job BY carly pifer 10/23/2012

A half dozen stellar spots in Oakland’s most happening ‘hood.


Imagine going to work everyday next door to all your friends, who happen to be cool, creative types you can look (across the alley) to for inspiration. Yah, that’s Ali Golden’s life, as her little corner of Oakland, the offbeat Temescal, gains attention for everything from killer clothes and jewelry to good eats and hip hair. There’s so much amazingness close by that there’s rarely a reason to leave. “The shop owners in the alley have a whiskey cocktail named after us at Pizzaiolo since we frequent the place so often!” Ali humble-brags. Here, the places that Ali frequents and you should, too. 


Temescal Alley Barbershop

153 ali golden
“I originally found my studio and discovered Temescal Alley through Brad at the Temescal Alley Barbershop. Everything just came together when I met Brad and was introduced to this great community of people. I don’t get my haircut at the barbershop, but my boyfriend does—and he loves it. And it is just a super nice space to hang out.”
of Ali Golden



Esqueleto: “Another great friend, Lauren Wolf of Esqueleto [Ed: And her own jewelry line, featured on this site!] moved from New York recently and opened this seriously great shop. Everything about it is perfect. Lauren is extremely supportive and such a good role model for me as a business girl and just a human being in general. We’ve done a few little collaborations and are planning on collaborating on a lookbook soon!”



Marisa Haskell: “Marisa Haskell, a jewelry designer, is like a sister to me. Originally, I moved in next door to her then-studio, and a few days later we had Brad saw out a permanent doorway in the wood wall that connected our studios. So, for a year, we basically shared a studio, and it was so lovely. Sadly, last month she out-grew her space and moved eight feet, directly across the way. We’re looking into purchasing walkie talkies.” 



Minds Eye Vintage: “Sarah Rainey and Maya Messoriano, who own Minds Eye Vintage, are two great friends of mine. I keep saying that, but it’s true in every case! Their shop is a perfectly designed, perfectly curated manifestation of their own rad personal styles.”



Crimson Horticultural Rarities: “The owners of Crimson Horticultural Rarities, Leigh Okies and Allison Futeral, are more great friends, and theirs was one of the first shops in the alley. It has grown into something very special. Their shop is full of great little plants and objects.”



Pizzaiolo: “These are the boys from Pizzaiolo taking a break in front of the vintage store—the owner, Charlie Hallowell, is on the left. Pizzaiolo is a restaurant that focuses on local, seasonal food, and the alley where my studio and store is located dead-ends into their backyard/garden/chicken-coop.”




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