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Katie King Keeps Things in the Family


It’s all relative.

Katie King didn’t just name her lighthearted line of sweatshirts Family—she also decided to put the word to work, capturing each of the label’s groupings (families, if you will) on real-live blood relations with the help of her super-creative photog Dan McMahon. And though the line currently only spotlights siblings, Katie hopes to eventually tackle fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, babies, and—brace yourself—pups, too. Here, Katie introduces us to a few of her favorite kindred combos. —alisha prakash

“Eliza and Henry were so fun to shoot because they grew up in Manhattan, so we got to shoot in their parents’ backyard with their family’s cat. There is something about this picture that really captures the feeling of family—or their family, at least.”

“Ruth and Emily in matching tights and boots! I always style the sweatshirts with whatever the siblings come wearing because I want the differences in their style and personality to come through. I thought the fact that they planned their outfits was really cute and telling.”

“Crystal and Maria were the first siblings we shot. They are friends of ours. I knew they would be perfect and that their sweet dynamic would set the tone for the ‘family portraits.’”

“I met Aine and Katrina through a coworker at JF & Son, and I knew their beautiful red hair would be perfect with the colors in the Landscape family. I thought Dan, the photographer, did an amazing job with the location and the colors.”

Katie’s edition comes out tomorrow! (Buying a matching set is optional.) 



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