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The Mythology Behind Nettie Kent’s Of a Kind Necklace

BY alisha prakash 11/06/2012

Inspired by a Greek princess? We’ll take it.

“Ancient Greek myths are my jam—I’m a total romantic and love stories about princesses,” says Nettie Kent, whose jewelry line is more earthy than regal. “I call my Of a Kind edition the Andromeda Necklace after the myth of the princess who was chained to the rock as a sacrifice, but was saved by Perseus.” How did she turn that story into something you can wear? Well, read on… 



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“I think I was drawn to mythology at a young age because it explained both everyday and unexplainable things in an exciting, visual way. I love all types of mythology—Norse and Native American—but the Greek myths are the ones that show in my work most often. D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths by Ingri d’Aulaire was my favorite—the illustrations are awesome, and it tells these fantastical stories that captivated me.”
of Nettie Kent


A little while ago, I was home visiting my family on Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend, and my boyfriend Colin and I, hoping to surf, went to the beach. With no waves, we went on a walk to look for sharks’ teeth. Colin is a master at finding sharks’ teeth. I’m not so good because I get impatient, but that day, even I found some.”

“I think those teeth subconsciously influenced my design for Of a Kind because after sketching some ideas, I ended up carving this.”

“The necklace on the left, in progress here, is put together similar to my Mikri Vigla pendant from my Sirens Collection on the right—the challenge was making this smaller. Mikri Vigla is a beach on the island of Naxos in Greece. I’ve traveled a lot—not yet to Greece, but I will.”

“This is William Russell Flint’s watercolor take on the Andromeda myth. It shows Andromeda chained to the rock as a sacrifice to this sea monster, and that’s Perseus saving her. What always interested me the most about this myth was the suspense—where was the monster? Was he going to eat her? I chose the name Andromeda for my piece because of the story, not so much for her (what did she really do, right?). The pendant is a shape reminiscent of a shark’s tooth, and the dangling chains are more about freedom and escape. Andromeda was freed, and she and Perseus escaped her family—ran away and had all sorts of great adventures together.”


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