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Next Level: Cats

Next Level BY erica 11/21/2012


All of a sudden, it’s totally cool to embrace your inner cat lady. These are our four fave ways to get kitty happy. 

LEVEL I: Wrapped around your neck, the meow motif of the Leah Goren scarf is distorted in a super-cool way.

LEVEL II: So ladylike and grown-up! 10 Crosby by Derek Lam makes a white cat print look crazy-easy to pull off.

LEVEL III: If anyone tries to talk smack on your Pretty Snake sweater, sic one of these 11 kitties on them. 

LEVEL IV: Wildfox: Never afraid to go there. Here, an update on the already-challenging white swimsuit that happens to be undeniably rad.



Ocean Lines Low Bowl
. 35 OF A KIND .
Ocean Lines Low Bowl BY Chloe May Brown
$ 73
Women's Navy Outsider Jacket
. 50 OF A KIND .
Women's Navy Outsider Jacket BY Bridge & Burn
$ 230
Men's Navy Outsider Jacket
. 35 OF A KIND .
Men's Navy Outsider Jacket BY Bridge & Burn
$ 230
Light Navy Sabrina Pants
. 50 OF A KIND .
Light Navy Sabrina Pants BY Loup
$ 154

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