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Liz Hobin Spins a Yarn About Her 5 Favorite Weaves


All in stitches.

You’d think designing—and hand-knitting—scarves could get a little repetitive (translation: blah), but not for Liz Hobin, the woman behind the cozy cowl-focused label Jimmy + Maeve. “I feel so close to each piece that it doesn’t really get boring for me. But to keep it interesting for other people, I am always messing around with different stitches and colorways,” she explains. These are five ways she helps keep the romance alive. —alisha prakash

“This is a classic rib stitch, just jumbo-sized. I love using this stitch to really bring out the piece’s color. I also like how the distinctive folds give it the appearance of a hand-held fan or accordion.”

“This is a classic stockinette stitch—it gives a nice flat look. It is commonly done on a machine, and most garments are made from this stitch. I like it because it’s clean.”

“I like this moss stitch because it appears a little wilder and more natural than others. It gives the illusion of an escalator with its diagonal lines.”

“This is also a rib stitch, but because it’s a tighter knit, it appears to be a stockinette stitch. If you stretch the piece out, you will see the rib.”

“A seed stitch gives the piece a beautiful texture. I love using it for edging on sweaters…or covering a whole piece in it.”

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