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Lulu Frost’s Super-Stylish Posse


Lisa Salzer’s pals are as stylin’ as her vintage-gone-modern jewelry. Want proof? The Lulu Frost designer intros us to the women—drop-dead-gorge models and beauty heiresses included—who inspire and wear her kick-ass work. —carlye wisel


Elettra Wiedemann: ”Elettra Wiedemann is such a classic beauty. You know, her mother is Isabella Rossellini, and her grandmother was Ingrid Bergman. What I love about her is that she has this timeless elegance and incredible lineage, but she’s the most down to earth, modest, kind person. And her style—she’s just extremely elegant, and also classic in an eclectic way.”


Poppy Delevingne: ”Poppy is a wonderful English bird. I met her recently at an event I was doing in London, and I really admire her dressed-down, cool-girl style. She really does an incredible look with ripped jeans, a blazer, fantastic jewelry options—Lulu Frost!”


Claiborne Swanson Frank: ”She’s another friend who has amazing classic style, but her take on it is very earthy. She’s very much a natural beauty, and I love her wild hair. Claiborne has my very, very favorite 100 Year Necklace—I traded it with her for a photo shoot she did for me. She put her art into something for Lulu Frost, and then I was able to give her a piece that was kind of my art. Sharing like that is really special.”


Claire and Virginie Courtin-Clarins: ”They are ultimate French girls. They’re sisters, and they both have very different styles. I think Claire is really classic — she just wears sleek, almost Calvin Klein-esque clothing with the perfect little accessory. Virginie is more rock n’ roll.”


Jennifer Missoni: ”Jennifer Missoni is incredible. She’s kind of an old-world actress, almost fifties movie star-like—an Italian bombshell. She has such a fun, casual glamour to her. She’s an incredible actress, and she’s also been a longtime supporter of Lulu Frost. I’m very thankful for all these lovely ladies!”



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