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Inside Job

Erica Weiner Getting Married

Inside Job BY erica 05/02/2013


Flower-girl dress—from the thirties!—waiting for action.

The biggest thing to go down in Erica Weiner’s life in 2011: She married her longtime BF Chris Anderson. And while the jewelry designer tried her damnedest to avoid falling down the wedding-blog rabbit hole—full of handmade napkin rings and souvenir menus—she did get a little swept away by the whole affair. But, as with everything she does, girlfriend owned it. 



11 erica weiner
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Erica Weiner



“The hair was awesome. I got the hairpiece from this incredible place in Chelsea called Illisa’s Vintage Lingerie. I met the owner because I was working on costumes for a tour of Cabaret years ago, and she is the local expert and collector of antique lingerie from that period. She also has trim and pins from that era—this is made of little crystals in silver wire.”



“I worried and worried over how we were going to schlep 60 chairs a quarter of a mile down to the lake, where we were going to have the ceremony. I had totally run over my budget at this point, and my mom suggested getting a few dozen bales of hay from our next-door-neighbor’s farm. He had his plow horses haul them over, and after the wedding we just distributed the hay as mulch on our own property.”




“The great thing about the bay leaves on the daisy chain, aside from them looking really pretty, is that I dried them and am probably going to have enough to cook with for the next few years!”




“Our friend’s perfectly named daughter Flora was our flower girl. On the spring day I asked her to do this important job, I took her on a date to Central Park, near where she lives. I asked her if she knew what a flower girl was, and she started jumping up and down. Then she went and made a fake bouquet out of some grass and flowers, and started solemnly practicing walking down an aisle. I was crying. Her dress came from Ritual Vintage on Broome Street. It was from the 1930s, made of delicate silk and lace, and I had to basically rebuild it, as the silk was kind of shredding. I busted out my sewing kit from my old costuming days and restored it to perfect condition.”




“My caterer decorated the food table with her own just-harvested vegetables, which she treated like flowers. She they used clear glass to show the decorative qualities of the kale’s roots, the cut-open yellow beets, and carrots.  This was a stroke of genius, I think.”




“Maine in late summer, as you can imagine, is overflowing with spectacular edibles. All the food served at the wedding was grown locally by family farmers. We got a family friend, an oyster farmer, to set up a table and open them to order. Pemaquids, Damariscottas—these are some of the best oysters in the world, and they come from our county. The farmer showed up with his rubber boots still on­—he had harvested the oysters that morning. I am pretty sure he was deeply stoned the whole time. A true Mainer.”

Photography by Katie Stoops.




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