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Key to the City

The Ultimate Guide to Tribeca Dining from Joy Gryson

Key to the City BY koun bae 10/24/2013

Joy Gryson, the designer behind the unfussy bag line IIIBeCa, loves everything about her neighborhood—and her line’s namesake—but one of the things she sweats the most? The food. Here, the NYC native shows us the best eating—from steamed buns to burgers—in the 10013. 




Nobu Next Door
(105 Hudson St.)

234 iiibeca by joy gryson
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson




“I’m Korean myself—so I love Asian food—and Zutto has a great mixture of Asian food. I love their steamed buns—especially this one they call the Gangnam bun with pork and kimchi in it. It’s delicious!”
(77 Hudson St.)




The Odeon
“It’s a staple of Tribeca—everyone knows where The Odeon is. They have amazing burgers, and I love the mac-and-cheese there with the crusty top and the breadcrumbs. My daughter and I love that.”
(145 W. Broadway)




“Kori is a traditional Korean restaurant. That’s my Korean staple, and I know I’m going to have it every Friday. My daughter is kind of picky with food, and the fact that she likes any Korean food is amazing. I was adopted—my parents aren’t Korean, so we don’t have a lot of Korean cultural things that we do. This is her exposure. I like the kimchi stew, and I always add in tofu and rice cake, making it our own little concoction.”
(253 Church St.)




Marc Forgione
“Marc Forgione is a pretty famous chef. He just opened two new restaurants in Tribeca, but this is his first one. He is really creative and makes really interesting food. I only actually like going there during the wintertime because his meals are very hearty. The filet mignon is amazing, and my husband loves the pork tenderloin.”
(134 Reade St.)




“Edwards is our go-to place every weekend for eggs benedict. We love the french fries and the chipotle sauce and the quesadillas.”
(136 W. Broadway)




Warren 77
“Warren 77 is like a sports pub, but it’s great for when you’re feeling really casual. They have these little videogames on the tables—which my daughter loves. It’s owned by a former NHL player Sean Avery, who also worked for Vogue. We’re actually going there in a few minutes!”
(77 Warren St.)





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