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In Character

In Character: Charlotte, Diary of a Teenage Girl

In Character BY liz 08/15/2016


In the deep, deep well of art made about girls coming of age (oh, you didn’t know about that well? It was dug by Henry James), I don’t think there’s ever been anything more simultaneously harrowing and exhilarating than the 2015 indie The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Bel Powley will totally break your heart as the teen in question, but the film’s runner-up star is the insanely on-point seventies wardrobe sported by her mom, a.k.a. Charlotte, a.k.a. Kristen Wiig.


If you’re the kind of mom that dresses up just to lie around on the couch, you’re the kinda mom that would definitely consider this floaty DÔen number loungewear. And who says you can’t accessorize a house dress? Not I. Ronni Kappos and her glass beads, that’s for sure.


Acting like a grown-up might not be Charlotte’s strong suit, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t mastered the art of dressing like one. What’s more sophisticated than going monochrome in a pair of nutmeg Nomia flares and a fuzzy Isabel Marant Étoile pullover?


Tabula Rasa knows a lady who’s the life of the party could do with some fringe benefits—oh, and it seems One Six Five got that memo, too.


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