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Mend Your Ways

Mend Your Ways: Know What Nips and Tucks are Doable

Mend Your Ways BY liz 12/09/2016

We watched enough What Not to Wear in college to know that the number one thing you can do to look like an absolute boss is get your clothes tailored. But easier said than sewn, right? Well! Welcome to Mend Your Ways, where NYC master tailor Katie Anderson of Mend takes a break from fitting couture on supermodels to teach ya the essentials.  


Katie’s Take:

“Often, what seems impossible to you is entirely possible for a good tailor, so it's always worth asking. As a rule of thumb, altering a garment that is two or more sizes larger than you is going to be more complicated, and may not be worth it, or even possible in some cases. This is because the garment as a whole needs to be reduced, so it's like taking apart and remaking the garment all over again. And fabrics that can be tricky to work with are chiffon, velvet, leather, beaded materials, and lace. Lastly, sometimes it's not the fabric that makes alterations tricky, but rather the way the garment was constructed. The best way to find out is to take the piece in and ask.”


Here are some common alterations that might seem complicated but are (for the most part) possible:

  • Taking in the waist on pants or skirts
  • Raising the waist seam on a dress
  • Replacing a zipper
  • Lowering an armhole
  • Keeping the original hem when hemming jeans
  • Hemming a blazer


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