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Listen Up: We’re #ReadingThings (Again) and Talking to the Designer Behind Some of Our Dreamiest Dresses

Listen Up 04/10/2017

This week, we’ve got a lotta gorgeousness happening. Christine Alcalay, creator of a couple of our favorite dress editions of all time (including one Claire wore to her rehearsal dinner and this somehow-still-in-stock gem) stops by to talk about how handmade clothes get, well, made. And!  We’re here with another round of #ReadingThings, all about the insanely beautifully illustrated graphic novel This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki.


Another lovely thing: This episode of #ReadingThings is brought to you by our friends at Warby Parker. They offer free try-on (shipping is covered both ways!), so you can test out your next pair on your couch while catching up on an excellent book. To scope out a collection of C&E’s hand-selected specs, head on over to warbyparker.com/ofakind.



The linkage…


Special and amazing guest Christine Alcalay on the opposite of fast fashion…




Christinealcalaypinstripe product 2
Pinstripe Picnic Dress
50 OF A KIND . $ 275



On #ReadingThings: This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki…




To advertise on our podcast, email afewthings@ofakind.com. Our intro music, “Butterfield East,” is written and performed by The Soulful Saints. Wanna know more about how beautiful things get made? We’ve got all ya need to know about fine jewelry right here.


Navy Embroidered Clutch
. 70 OF A KIND .
Navy Embroidered Clutch BY K Studio
$ 62
Navy Tendina Slides
. 50 OF A KIND .
Navy Tendina Slides BY M. Gemi
$ 198
Two-Toned Sac 1
. 15 OF A KIND .
Two-Toned Sac 1 BY Agnes Baddoo
$ 475
Guava Ring Planters
. 40 OF A KIND .
Guava Ring Planters BY Chen Chen & Kai Williams
FROM $ 90

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