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Stories by genevieve ang

Got It Made

Marble Your Own Paper in 3 Way-Easy Steps

Got It Made BY genevieve ang 12/04/2015
Cover 5 sumi final result
Marbled paper is incredibly common in Europe (who knew?!), where Spanish jeweler and artist Marta Pia is originally from. The self-described "creative dabbler" took professional lessons in swirly pattern-making techniques (including old-school Florentine marbling) and now teaches them. A crowd favorite is a Japanese technique suminagashi or, as Marta calls it, "playing with colors and water" - and she's here to show you how to marble just about anything, even your money. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Turn Flowers and Leaves into Exceedingly Gorgeous Fabric Dyes

Hone Your Craft BY genevieve ang 05/09/2017
Cover 2
When Sara Dudzinsky isn't busy making magic for her earthy chic jewelry line Better Late Than Never, she's in the kitchen dyeing up a storm. We're not talking Manic Panic, either - her M.O. is bundle-dyeing, aka eco-printing, which involves wrapping plant fodder like flowers, maple leaves, and even onion skins in fabrics and gently soaking them to produce to-dye-for prints. Check out her super-easy guide below (and start rounding up those peony petals while you're at it). READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Pretend You’re in Japan in NYC

Key to the City BY genevieve ang 04/19/2016
Cover 1 mentoku
Tats and Ena Otake, both born in Japan, have lived in American cities like Los Angeles and Honolulu, Hawaii for almost two decades, but their current HQ, NYC, is their all-time favorite. When they're not making delicately angular bags and earrings, the duo fights off homesickness eating udon and shopping Japanese desk accessories - and with Tats as your guide, you can get in on the fun. READ MORE

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