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Stories by liz

Where They Were Then

What the Baggu Founders Have Learned, 10 Years In

Where They Were Then BY liz 02/07/2017
Cover screen shot 2017 02 06 at 11.05.05 am
In 2007, Emily Sugihara, her mom Joan, and her childhood BFF Ellen van der Laan started making and selling reusable nylon totes in a rainbow of shades. It was the perfect biz idea: simple, affordable, and somehow totally overlooked by everyone else. That line they created is, as you probably know by now, called Baggu - and a decade later, it's a model for how a tiny, bootstrapped company can grow into an household name without sacrificing a drop of cool-kid chill. We asked Ellen to take a minute and reflect on how far the company has come. READ MORE

Heyo! Dress Up Your Desktop with Prints from Our 2017 Calendar.

BY liz 12/31/2016
Cover 101316 sr oak web11 b3p6094 a
Every year, we ask some of our most print-proficient designers to put their stamp on the upcoming year, care of our annual Of a Kind calendar. And though we might say this annually, we seriously think the 2017 edition might just be the prettiest yet - it's got expressionist color swatches from Moglea to brighten up March, some of Tay Ham's summer sunglasses in shades of sherbet to cool off August, and so much more. Now - for the first time! - you can download a selection of the prints to punch up every aspect of your digital life, too - click the links below to collect 'em all. READ MORE

5 Tips for Keeping Your Plants Happy (and, Yes, Alive)

BY liz 11/01/2016
Cover ofakind1
You might think Natalie Miller makes her twirling brass plant mobiles as a lower-maintenance substitute for their potted cousins. Not so. In fact, her metal creations just give her the chance to take her houseplant obsession even further. She grew up with a 20-foot-tall cactus inside her house, courtesy of her mother who was a master gardener, and she brought "an irrational number of plants" to her first dorm room, rotating them around her single window every day. Which is all to say: She can keep things alive thriving anywhere, so we asked her to spill the dirt. READ MORE

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