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Stories by liz

Hone Your Craft

7 Very Entertaining Tips for Low-Stress, High-Impact Dinner Parties

Hone Your Craft BY liz 01/05/2018
Cover ofakindxmollyyehbrunch 97
You might be thinking that party season just ended and are very much looking forward to spending some quality, introverted time with a takeout order or six. Which is all well and good, but we're here to make the case that throwing a dinner party having people over for dinner should be much more about catching up with your favorite friends without having to get a reservation - or even put on shoes - and not so much about nailing a 'gram-worthy, three-course spread. Here, seven tips we learned this year that'll make you want to gather around your kitchen table. READ MORE
Interior Inspiration

A Washi Tape Chair Makeover (WHOA)

Interior Inspiration BY liz 02/12/2016
Cover washi tape chair
Man, do we love washi tape - it's the first thing we knew we had to sell in our paper shop - and one of the best things about the colorful sticky stuff is that is has about a bajillion different uses. The internet world of washi-tape DIYs is a deep, deep rabbithole, so instead we turned to Amy Anderson's book on the subject Washi Tape Crafts. She's got some real winners in there. First up: How to amp up a boring old chair. And more to come! READ MORE

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