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Stories by courtney conway

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Listen Up: Podcasts We Can’t Quit and Our First Roundtable—on Denim, Duh

Listen Up BY courtney conway 04/03/2017
Cover denim ig
Hang on to your headphones and clean out your drawers - this week we're rounding up our favorite podcasts (besides this one, of course), and we're also hosting our first roundtable, with a couple of actual denim experts! Racked's Tiffany Yannetta and The Cut's Véronique Hyland join us in the studio to answer all the questions we raised on our earlier episode on great jeans. READ MORE
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Listen Up: Some of the Greatest Recent 10 Things and How to Save Your Skin with Rachel Winard of Soapwalla

Listen Up BY courtney conway 03/20/2017
Cover soapwalladeodorant 013
Someone call Julie Andrews because there are a whole lotta our favorite things packed into this episode. Claire and Erica run through the greatest 10 Things picks they've discovered (and re-discovered!) as of late. And Rachel Winard, the master formulator behind natural skincare line Soapwalla and the deodorant we can't keep in stock, on figuring out what ingredients you're sensitive to and how she sources the good stuff. READ MORE
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Listen Up: How We Consume the News and What Goes Into Making Outstanding Innerwear

Listen Up BY courtney conway 02/13/2017
Cover 01 18 17 juliarobbs1478
Ugggh, the news RN. How, when, and where are you consuming it? That's an ongoing conversation Claire and Erica have been having, so they're talking out how they're attempting to stay informed...and also sane here. Then Iva Pawling schools us on innerwear (see: her snuggly line Richer Poorer) and fitnessing socks (her second label, Pointe Studio), solving problems we never knew how to articulate. READ MORE
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Listen Up: The Best of 10 Things and Children’s Book Faves

Listen Up BY courtney conway 01/23/2017
Cover screen shot 2017 01 24 at 3.21.47 pm
Because sometimes Claire and Erica can't share the full extent of their enthusiasm for something in their weekly 10 Things newsletter (you are subscribed, right?), they're going deep on six amazing picks that are going to make your life so, so much funnier, easier, and more delicious. And! They're also taking a lil' literary tour down memory lane, care of their favorite kids' books. We'll take any chance to talk about The Magic Locket... READ MORE
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Listen Up: Professional Enthusiasm and the Costs of Creating Fine Jewelry

Listen Up BY courtney conway 12/19/2016
Cover img 1527 edit square
In this, our last episode of the year (!), Claire and Erica are wearing their Professional Enthusiast titles out loud 'n proud - to both tell the story behind our new #PEbyOfakind sweatshirts and to quiz fine jewelry designer Anna Sheffield on the cost of gold, expert stone-setters, and the difference between carat and karat. (Anna's here for part two of our miniseries on how designers think about pricing - part I thisaway!) We'll be back on January 2nd with a fresh episode - until then, promise to get in plenty of December R&R? READ MORE

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