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Stories by katie nave freeman

Get Outta Town

This Design Duo Did Vacation Right—and Very Differently

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 08/22/2017
Cover m2
Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall, the California dream team behind Bones and Feathers Collective's dangly earrings and freewheeling necklaces spend a whole lotta time side-by-side in their downtown L.A. studio - but since travel is a huge source of new ideas, they make sure to go their separate ways and get outta town when they can. Most recently, Natalie road-tripped to New Mexico, while Cole bathed in the blue seas of Mallorca. Let's hear about what they packed - and what they couldn't wait to tell the each other about when they got back. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How to Rock a Bold Lip (on a Weekday, Even)

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 02/28/2017
Cover ci oak lipstick
Collette Ishiyama knows how to make a statement - just look to her tough-but-sleek pointed pendants and stingray-leather stud earrings for proof. And, turns out, the NYC jeweler is also pretty handy when it comes to standout - but never overdone - makeup. "I tend to wear a bold lip on days I'm not doing a cat eye. It's my go-to if I'm in a rush since it magically makes messy hair and thrown-together outfits feel intentional," she explains. Obviously, we had to know how she does it without flaking or feathering - and without having to wake up 30 minutes earlier. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

5 Famous and Incredibly Cool Homes You’ll Want to Drool Over

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 12/08/2016
Cover stahl house
Marisa Howard has always had a thing for extraordinary architecture - and it shows in the structural, modern jewelry she creates for her line, Seaworthy. "I'm drawn to homes that interact with their landscapes," Marisa shares. "I especially love the history of these designs and the opportunity we have to honor and preserve their stories." Here's the Pacific Northwest native's list of digs to daydream about - bonus points if you find a way to reference them at your next dinner party. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Ceramicists Who Paved the Way for the California Clay Craze

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave freeman 03/22/2017
Cover paxceramics breakfastinblue 8
It's pretty easy to guess just by looking at them that Mia Herron Kantor's handmade clay pieces hail from the Golden State - their beachy hues are California shorthand in the way of an In-N-Out wrapper. Most of the pieces in her collection, called Pax, are glazed with an ombre wash of color that's inspired by the state's magical sunsets and sunrises, which Mia tries never to miss. The other main inspo? A handful of West Coast potters (okay, and one European who inspired them all). G'head - dive in. READ MORE

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