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Stories by katie nave freeman

Got It Made

How One Designer Built a Team When She Was Used to Doing Everything Herself

Got It Made BY katie nave freeman 02/10/2017
Cover seaworthy studio
When Marisa Howard, then a commercial lighting designer, first started making her own jewelry by watching YouTube videos, she never imagined she'd be in a position to support herself full-time on the hobby - let alone others. But interest in her minimalist, rune-like metal creations - which now go by Seaworthy - grew in a flash, and, BAM, she's now the head of a team of four. Here's her bosslady approach to getting there. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Feel Confident and Just Plain Great About Getting Dressed

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 06/07/2017
Cover capsule  1
Look, not to shade anyone in particular, but we're pretty firm believers that outfit guides that compare bodies to fruit have never been of any real use to anyone. But that doesn't mean there isn't truth to the notion that what we wear and how we wear it affects the way we carry ourselves out in the world. Just ask designer Lindsay Reif, who earned her clothing-cutting chops by altering vintage pieces to suit her own preferences - and then used her sewing skills to create Reifhaus, a universally flattering line of wrap jumpsuits, boxy tops, and swingy dresses for the rest of us. Here's Lindsey's expert advice on shapes to lean into and conventional wisdom to ignore, 'cause rules were made to broken, yah? READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How to Rock a Bold Lip (on a Weekday, Even)

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 02/28/2017
Cover ci oak lipstick
Collette Ishiyama knows how to make a statement - just look to her tough-but-sleek pointed pendants and stingray-leather stud earrings for proof. And, turns out, the NYC jeweler is also pretty handy when it comes to standout - but never overdone - makeup. "I tend to wear a bold lip on days I'm not doing a cat eye. It's my go-to if I'm in a rush since it magically makes messy hair and thrown-together outfits feel intentional," she explains. Obviously, we had to know how she does it without flaking or feathering - and without having to wake up 30 minutes earlier. READ MORE

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