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Key To The City

Key to the City

How to Eat and Drink Like a Champ in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Key to the City BY liz 05/05/2017
Cover juicery
What's that you say? Portsmouth, New Hampshire, isn't at the the tippy-top of your summer getaways list? Well, it should be - and don't take our word for it. Turn your attention to Emerson Fry, who fell so head-over-heels for the place that when she and her husband found a fixer-upper farmhouse, they put down an offer, packed up their NYC apartment, and became locals within the year. That was in 2008, and Emerson's love of Portsmouth, which is right smack between Boston and Portland, Maine, is still going as strong as a New England fisherman. One thing she raves about: the city's booming food scene - especially the seven spots that follow. READ MORE
Key to the City

6 Delicious, Design-y Reasons to Move to Atlanta—or at Least Visit

Key to the City BY katie nave-freeman 04/25/2017
Cover ticonderoga club
If you haven't spent time in Atlanta lately (that ATL layover doesn't count), it's time you make the trip. Even before hitting the cultural zeitgeist thanks to Donald Glover's excellent show, the birthplace of Coca-Cola was undergoing a creative renaissance thanks to a zillion new restaurants, a super-cool greenway, and a whole bunch of other awesome things that Megan Huntz, clothing designer and native of the super hot city (which you should never, ever call Hotlanta) is about to tell you all about. READ MORE
Key to the City

The 5 Greatest Live-Music Spots in Brooklyn

Key to the City BY tess falotico 04/13/2017
Cover good room
To say Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader are embedded deep into the Brooklyn music scene would be an understatement (or a false note, perhaps?). Most of their friends and family are musicians, including Jill's husband, who makes up one half of the extremely rad band Chairlift. So, as you can imagine, the pair have been inside pretty much every live-music spot in the city, and these are the five, per Jill, they especially like the sound of. READ MORE
Key to the City

5 Portland, Oregon, Day Trips to Clear Your Head

Key to the City 04/07/2017
Cover sokol blosser
Even though Marisa Howard spends a hefty amount of time hunkered down in her Portland studio creating elliptical, outfit-making earrings, necklaces, and hairpins for her line Seaworthy, the longtime Oregon resident also knows how to take a breather like a boss. Here are the five spots she drives to when she's just gotta get away. READ MORE
Key to the City

One Designer’s Perfect Brooklyn Bike Route (With Snack Pitstops)

Key to the City BY neha kulsh 04/06/2017
Cover kevin sbike2
Kevin Wilcoxson is no Brooklyn newb - he'd been working out of his original studio in South Williamsburg for half a decade before moving to his current spot further north, in Greenpoint. So he's seen a whole lotta changes, good and bad - but one of his favorite innovations is the new bike path that runs from the Williamsburg Bridge to his new location on West Street. It's his favorite stretch to pedal - and he shared a few of his favorite spots to stop and take a breather along the way. READ MORE

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