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Got It Made

Got It Made

How One Designer Built a Team When She Was Used to Doing Everything Herself

Got It Made BY katie nave freeman 02/10/2017
Cover seaworthy studio
When Marisa Howard, then a commercial lighting designer, first started making her own jewelry by watching YouTube videos, she never imagined she'd be in a position to support herself full-time on the hobby - let alone others. But interest in her minimalist, rune-like metal creations - which now go by Seaworthy - grew in a flash, and, BAM, she's now the head of a team of four. Here's her bosslady approach to getting there. READ MORE
Got It Made

4 Lessons a Sushi Chef and a Commercial Producer Bring to their Design Business

Got It Made BY olivia martin 12/09/2016
Cover  dsc1083
Leaving your super successful career and moving from the beach to the big city sounds more like a rom-com plot than real life. But in 2011, Tats and Ena Osake did just that. They quit their jobs (he produced big-budget commercials, and she was a well-known sushi chef), and they left Hawaii behind for a new life making minimal, curvilinear leather accessories and jewelry under the name 8.6.4 in New York. After two decades of putting their creative minds to work for other companies, both are more than happy to be their own bosses - but that doesn't mean they don't still draw on their mountains of experience to take care of biz. Here are four former-life lessons they keep coming back to. READ MORE
Got It Made

How a Mother-Daughter Duo Turns Hand-Drawn Prints into Perfect PJs

Got It Made BY tess falotico 11/10/2016
Cover 2 crop
A lot of us are in awe of our mom's skills, but Blair Gilbert took her appreciation one step further when she joined her mother's cozy 'n chic sleepwear company, Marigot, as co-CEO. See, it all started in 2009 when Lynne Gilbert brought her interior design chops to a collection of quirkily printed, never-too-sweet sleep shirts and PJ sets, and a few years later, she lured Blair from her gig at Ralph Lauren to run the production side of things. Here's how the mother-daughter biz ladies turn everything from vacations to toys into fodder for their make-ya-feel-fancy jammies. READ MORE

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