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Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love

Sensing a Pattern with the Designer Who Finds Them Everywhere

Stuff We Love BY tess falotico 07/20/2017
Cover img 1621
Trained as an architect, Molly McGrath sees city blocks and skyscrapers through more finely honed eyes than those of us without CAD training. But, thing is, the Bay Area-based designer applies her insights beyond just buildings, collecting and scanning images of everything from clothing to construction sites to create the linear grids, repeating curlicues, and overlapping geometries that she embosses onto leather pouches and laser-cuts into art prints. Here, she shares her favorite resources for finding ideas everywhere - giving us a blueprint, if you will. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

4 Shared Obsessions That Tie One Very Different Design Duo Together

Stuff We Love 07/07/2017
Cover 2 dokonoko
You know that feeling when you fall in friend-love with someone who gets weirdly excited about all the same things you do? That's the kind of magic that brought Lacey Voss and Reina Sugiyama together, even though Reina got into fashion people-watching in Tokyo and Lacey became obsessed with making patterns while growing up in the cornfields of Ohio. They're all about embracing their full Venn diagram - their differences and that juicy middle where their interests overlap - to take their bold-but-easy line Dokonoko to the next level. Here, four things they're very much on the same page about. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Feel Confident and Just Plain Great About Getting Dressed

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 06/07/2017
Cover capsule  1
Look, not to shade anyone in particular, but we're pretty firm believers that outfit guides that compare bodies to fruit have never been of any real use to anyone. But that doesn't mean there isn't truth to the notion that what we wear and how we wear it affects the way we carry ourselves out in the world. Just ask designer Lindsay Reif, who earned her clothing-cutting chops by altering vintage pieces to suit her own preferences - and then used her sewing skills to create Reifhaus, a universally flattering line of wrap jumpsuits, boxy tops, and swingy dresses for the rest of us. Here's Lindsey's expert advice on shapes to lean into and conventional wisdom to ignore, 'cause rules were made to broken, yah? READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Kind of a Mag, Volume II is Here! And It’s Free!

Stuff We Love BY liz 06/05/2017
Cover minimagii
Are you taking care of yourself? We sure hope so, which is why the second edition of our 'zine Kind of a Mag is loosely based around that theme. We're talking an ode to of the best nineties beauty products (hellllllo, Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers!), plus some real grown-up alternatives; a guide to which romance novels are right for you (even if you've never read one in your life); a zenned-out coloring-book page; and tips for taking your never-skip-another-meal trail-mix recipe to the next level. Oh yeah, and there's a new round of MASH because duh. The best part? We're shippin' 'em out free with all orders over $75 while supplies last - and all you have to do to say thanks is show us yours with #kindofamag. READ MORE

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