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Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love

Here's How to Build a Modern Ceramics Collection

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 11/17/2017
Cover sampling of ceramics
When the jewelry designer Molly Zimmerman of MM Druck is looking for fuel for her sculptural - yet easy-to-wear - silver pieces, she just looks around her home, which is filled with a seriously cool array of modern and postmodern ceramics she's acquired over the years. "I've always been a collector," Molly explains. "As my interests evolved, so did the objects - thankfully, my miniature glass animal figurine collection was left behind somewhere in adolescence. It's through ceramics I've found an accessible way to outfit my home with art that's both decorative and functional." A hobby that combines shopping with function and design in mind? Sign us up. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How Journaling Can Help You Feel Better, According to One Impressive Lady

Stuff We Love BY liz 10/11/2017
Cover image 3
Esmé Wang knows a thing or two about writing: Her first novel, The Border of Paradise, landed her on Granta's 2017 list of best young American novelists. But she also spends a whole lotta time compiling journals no one's ever meant to read and uses that process as a way to manage the kinds of issues many of us struggle with but have trouble talking about - stuff like chronic pain and mental illness. It's been so beneficial to her, in fact, that she created an online class called Rawness of Remembering to help show others the way. We asked her to go deep with us on how putting pen to paper helps in every aspect of her life - and how we can get in on it. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Not Be Daunted by Dot Journaling

Stuff We Love BY liz 09/29/2017
Cover dots 4
When it comes to getting organized, we should all be taking notes from Rachel Wilkerson Miller, the author of Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide - one peek at her meticulous to-do lists, created using the bullet method (more on that in a second), and her color-coordinated office supplies is more than enough proof. And don't let her super-advanced example up there scare you away if you're currently scribbling reminders on the back of receipts:"To start, just set aside 15 minutes a day, and actually use that time to lay it all out," Rachel says. "It will pretty quickly become a habit." Ok, Rachel, show us the way - we're lining up. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Snag up to 90% Off! It's Time to Shop Our First-Ever Online Sample Sale

Stuff We Love BY liz 08/30/2017
Cover ig 1 post
Now here by popular demand: an Of a Kind sample sale you can shop from your bed! Starting now, you can score long-since sold-out editions, one-off samples, and some other special deals that are such steals we had to make them their very own website. So head over to - and bonus points if you pour yourself a mimosa while you do because those are exactly the kinda vibes we aim for. Happy hunting! READ MORE

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