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Hone Your Craft

Hone Your Craft

How to Turn Flowers and Leaves into Exceedingly Gorgeous Fabric Dyes

Hone Your Craft BY genevieve ang 05/09/2017
Cover 2
When Sara Dudzinsky isn't busy making magic for her earthy chic jewelry line Better Late Than Never, she's in the kitchen dyeing up a storm. We're not talking Manic Panic, either - her M.O. is bundle-dyeing, aka eco-printing, which involves wrapping plant fodder like flowers, maple leaves, and even onion skins in fabrics and gently soaking them to produce to-dye-for prints. Check out her super-easy guide below (and start rounding up those peony petals while you're at it). READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Quiz: Which Craft Will You Really, Really Love Doing?

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave-freeman 03/23/2017
Cover weaving 1
If 2017's the year you vowed to become and, er, "maker" but you haven't gotten past setting up the Pinterest board, let Katie Diamond hand-hold you through this. Creator of stone-centric earrings and intricately patterned rings, she's never met a craft that she doesn't love, and she's to help you figure out where to start. Take the quiz below to choose a lane, and follow her wise advice once you do: "Just go ahead and order your supplies, and then you'll have to make space and a little time to try some things out. Once you have a few basic skills, you can really branch out make it your own!" So, c'mon: You can do this! Cross-stitch our hearts. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Ceramicists Who Paved the Way for the California Clay Craze

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave freeman 03/22/2017
Cover paxceramics breakfastinblue 8
It's pretty easy to guess just by looking at them that Mia Herron Kantor's handmade clay pieces hail from the Golden State - their beachy hues are California shorthand in the way of an In-N-Out wrapper. Most of the pieces in her collection, called Pax, are glazed with an ombre wash of color that's inspired by the state's magical sunsets and sunrises, which Mia tries never to miss. The other main inspo? A handful of West Coast potters (okay, and one European who inspired them all). G'head - dive in. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Tailor Vintage Clothing—and Teach Yourself to Sew in the Process

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave-freeman 03/15/2017
Cover reifhaus2  2
Didn't have crafty mom who taught you how to work a bobbin winder? That's cool, neither did Lindsey Reif - but that didn't stop her from teaching herself how to get busy with a Singer. She got her start rejiggering vintage pieces and eventually got good enough to start patterning the cropped turtlenecks, strappy dresses, and high-waisted pants that make up her line, Reifhaus. Here's how to follow her lead and get in the sew. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

5 Tips for Healthy, Mirror-Shiny Hair

Hone Your Craft BY genevieve ang 03/13/2017
Cover jeffersonlidoearrings product 8
Kuen Rameson's obsession with finding toxin-free hair products moved way beyond reading the ingredient lists on the back of bottles: She walked out on her executive banking career to found a business dedicated to her findings. A firm believer that fancy-feeling products and wellness shouldn't be mutually exclusive - as she says, "I love luxury and shopping at Neiman Marcus, but I also love going to Whole Foods and buying things that are pure and better for my body" - Kuen developed Gloss Moderne, a phthalate- and sulfate-free line that's definitely easy on the eyes. But her approach is about much more than what you uncap in the shower - so we asked her how she keeps her own hair looking practically reflective. READ MORE

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