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Hone Your Craft

Hone Your Craft

How to Work with Your Sibling, from a Sister Duo That Gets It

Hone Your Craft 02/20/2018
Cover samlisaptc2
If you know anything about Of a Kind, you know we're all about a work wife. So when we heard that Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe brought her sister Sam on a couple years ago to help her run her booming biz, we had loads of questions for the both of them. Starting with the obvious: How do they do it without creating Thanksgiving-ruining tension? The two gave us the ultimate sister-sister lowdown on settling arguments, splitting up their work, and, of course, running a super cool ceramics company together. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

A Menswear Designer’s Quest to Make Shirting Work for Everyone

Hone Your Craft BY kiara mills 02/15/2018
Cover corridor 2
If you've ever tried on women's workwear, you've no doubt come across plenty of shirts that aren't flattering or comfortable. Dan Synder knows just what you're dealing with - and he's also mastered a special, three-panel design that's perfect for working or playing hard. His line Corridor, originally focused on menswear, started serving women as well a couple years back, and he has some intel to share on what it took to get his cuts juuust right. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Engagement Ring Requests the East Village’s Go-To Jeweler Keeps Getting

Hone Your Craft BY courtney conway 02/06/2018
Cover 121516 sr oak web14 11198
Urte Tyalite knows a thing or two about the jewelry people turn to for tying the knot - she and her shop in New York's East Village have been a go-to source since 2011. As her own line of super minimal, elliptical pieces has evolved, so have the requests and custom commissions couples bring her. Here are a few of the highlights (you can call 'em trends if you must) that everyone seems to be in love with these days. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

The Surprisingly Simple Supplies This Illustrator Uses for Her Stellar Sketches

Hone Your Craft BY courtney conway 01/30/2018
Cover cerise
Illustrator Cerise Zelenetz's off-kilter, delightfully witty doodles and paintings are a bit reminiscent of Picasso's, if Picasso had been a very cool twenty-something woman who split her time between New York, Paris, and Vermont. Given that, you might be surprised to find she's a big fan of super-accessible supplies like Sharpies and generic black pens and even flirts with washable markers made for kids. Here's a more detailed list of what she loves and why - maybe it'll convince you to start making some art, like, right now? READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Painting Ceramics

Hone Your Craft 01/25/2018
Cover 2
Almost every ceramicist out there coats their pieces in some form of gleaming, sealing paint, but Brooke Winfrey of BTW Ceramics really has fun with that finishing treatment. Brooke's ambitious patterns range from black-and-white line drawings to full-color splatter motifs, all done on mugs and planters she painstakingly hand-threw or pinched herself. Pretty high stakes, right? We asked her to help us brush up on all that's involved in getting in on her glaze game. READ MORE

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