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Marriage Material

Marriage Material

How to Get (or Make!) a Very Good-Looking, Totally Delicious Wedding Cake

Marriage Material BY liz 06/07/2016
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People love to hate on them, but wedding cakes aren't going anywhere (no matter how many doughnut towers you see on Insta this season). In fact, they're getting better and better, thanks to bakers like Emily Aumiller of Lael Cakes in Brooklyn. Girlfriend makes knockout baked goods that also happen to be gluten-free, and sometimes vegan, even. We asked her to give it to us straight about all things sweet and celebratory. READ MORE
Marriage Material

All the Tips From Molly Guy, Queen of the Cool-Girl Wedding

Marriage Material BY liz 05/11/2016
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Even if you haven't heard of Molly Guy, you've very likely been to a wedding that took cues from her NYC shop, Stone Fox Bride (slinky slip dresses and crochet veils, anyone?). Three years after launching her tongue-in-cheek brand - which includes merch stamped with "F*ck Weddings" - she's become a beacon for couples who want to do the walking-down-the-aisle thing, in a chilled out, you-do-you way. Molly shared some of her best hard-won observations, which she's in the process of cataloguing for her upcoming book about love, style, sex, and marriage (ya know, just the little things). READ MORE
Marriage Material

13 Tips for Getting Wedding Hair That You’ll Feel Really Good About

Marriage Material BY liz 04/19/2016
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Calling all brides who don't want to be picking bobby pins out of their hair for days: You have to meet Teddi Cranford. The fashion-industry vet and founder of White Rose Collective in NYC's East Village is all about making ladies look just like themselves, just at their very best. Teddi gave us her tips for wedding newbs on everything from deciding on a lewk to the best drugstore hairspray. READ MORE

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