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Thing Of Beauty

Thing of Beauty

Skin-Whisperer Joanna Vargas Will Teach You to Master the At-Home Facial

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 10/05/2017
Cover mask 2
Come on now: Who doesn't want to give their complexion a boost? And we all want the help of Joanna Vargas, who regularly tends the cheeks and chins of Julianne Moore and Rachel Weisz. She also has some news: "At-home facials are trending - more women are doing rituals once a week to care for themselves." On that note, here's her guide to getting a Met Ball-ready glow, without having to actually go anywhere. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

A Nitty-Gritty Guide to Natural Exfoliants

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 09/06/2017
Cover 2 palermo scrub
Everyone knows by now that exfoliating is key for clear, glowy skin - but you also probably got the memo that those bead things are not great for the world. Luckily, there are piles of different natural options to choose from, both physical and chemical. But how to pick?! To make that process a little smoother, we asked Jessica Morelli - who makes the best scrubs for her line, Palermo Body - to show us her grit. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How to Apply Cream Blush Like a Makeup Artist

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 08/29/2017
Cover stowaway product 5
Cream blush has come a looong way in recent years - heck, it's showing up on lips and eyelids, even. Pigment queens Michelle, Caroline, and Katherine Ramos - three cosmetic-obsessed sisters who turned their MUA, painter, and writer backgrounds into the makeup line Rituel de Fille - are the opposite of surprised. One of their bestsellers is a richly hued version that we can't get enough of - so we asked Katherine to tell us how to make the most of it. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Haim’s Makeup Artist on How to Get Their So-Good Minimal Makeup Look

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 06/21/2017
Cover screenshot 2017 06 21 15.10.33
What greater summer gift could there be than a new Haim album? The only thing that could top that would be pairing it with a primer on snagging their peachy, nineties-ish makeup look, care of their go-to face-painter Gloria Noto. She also happens to be the genius behind Noto Botanics and the dynamite lip 'n cheek tint, woodsy nourishing oil, low-key highlighter, and foaming scrub we cannot stop kvelling over. Below, all you need to play like you're the fourth, very fresh-faced sister. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How to DIY (and Eat) Your Way to Drama-Free Skin Like a Pro

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 06/13/2017
Cover  76a1038
Micaela Hoo has been battling eczema her whole life. "I remember going to preschool with my hands wrapped in bandages. I would be constantly scratching and would just end up bleeding - it was really such a mess," she recalls. Though Micaela tried every prescription her doctor gave her, it wasn't until her late teens that she finally found relief by tooling around her eating habits and creating salves with her mom, Dawn Marie - potions that eventually became a line of soothing, smoothing, plant-oil-based body butters, called Drifter Organics. If you too are looking to take matters into your own hands with any skin flare-ups, let her point you in the right direction. READ MORE

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