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Listen Up: Food for Flying and Our Favorite Filmmaker

Listen Up 07/17/2017
Cover afewthings ep98 sn3 hero
Hope you're ready 'cause we're talking two of our favorite things: snacks and entertainment. To make the cut this week, the crunchy, salty, sweet stuff had to to be portable - and filling enough to save you from another terrible airport dining experience. And Ben Nabors, our favorite NYC writer-director-producer (a multihyphenate, this guy), stops by to talk about documentaries, Werner Herzog, and officiating Claire's wedding. READ MORE
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Listen Up: 10 More Things We Cannot Get Enough Of

Listen Up BY courtney conway 07/10/2017
Cover afewthings ep97 sn3 insta
Today Claire and Erica are flying solo (or flying duo - is that a thing?) with another installment of what we're officially calling The Best of 10 Things. This round, their latest fitness crushes, some financial-institution affection, and other randomness they can't stop talking about. And if you're not subscribed to 10 Things, then what the hell are you waiting for? READ MORE
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Listen Up: All The Reasons Why We Love Who? Weekly, with Co-Hosts Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger!

Listen Up BY courtney conway 06/26/2017
Cover cover who weekly
Have you heard about our love of the (twice-weekly!!!) celebs-you've-never-heard-of podcast Who? Weekly? Probably. Which is why we're especially thrilled to have the two whos who started it all, Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger, in the studio (ahem, Alex's house) with us to talk about creating a cultural phenom. Plus, games! What to pack 'n play on your next vacay. READ MORE
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Listen Up: From the 10 Things Cutting Room Floor and How Olive & June's Founder Nails It Every Time

Listen Up BY courtney conway 06/19/2017
Cover afewthings ep94 sn3 insta
Discovering cool new stuff is practically a religion over here at Of a Kind HQ - and our weekly 10 Things list is its bible. But, real talk, sometimes the stuff Claire and Erica can't get enough of is...not exactly newsworthy. That doesn't make those finds duds, though, and now is their time to shine. This week's guest is also a longtime fave: Sarah Gibson Tuttle of the L.A. nail spot Olive & June that we wish would just open up in NYC already. Now, that would warrant a press release. READ MORE

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