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Listen Up: The Latest Round of #ReadingThings—Novella Edition!

Listen Up BY courtney conway 01/17/2017
Cover ifyourenotlikemeyet claireigstory
The phrase short 'n sweet may as well have been coined to describe our latest #ReadingThings book club pick, the 55-page charmer If You're Not Yet Like Me by Edan Lepucki. And, hey, we've got the text's very lovely author along for the ride conversation. But first! By popular demand (seriously), we're honored to present the very first installment of Living Single with Alex, a new segment featuring our very favorite recording studio mogul in the land. READ MORE
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Listen Up: Good Jeans and a Card Expert on How to Nail Empathy in 2017

Listen Up BY liz 01/02/2017
Cover screen shot 2017 01 02 at 10.14.22 am
Welcome, 2017! Took ya long enough to get here. To celebrate the arrival of a fresh, brand-spanking-new year, we're tackling two tricky topics: shopping for denim and what to do when someone you love gets terrible news. That second bit comes with some very official advice from Emily McDowell, creator of empathy cards (which you can conveniently buy on Of a Kind) and co-author of a new book on the topic. Onwards and upwards, right? READ MORE
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Listen Up: Professional Enthusiasm and the Costs of Creating Fine Jewelry

Listen Up BY courtney conway 12/19/2016
Cover img 1527 edit square
In this, our last episode of the year (!), Claire and Erica are wearing their Professional Enthusiast titles out loud 'n proud - to both tell the story behind our new #PEbyOfakind sweatshirts and to quiz fine jewelry designer Anna Sheffield on the cost of gold, expert stone-setters, and the difference between carat and karat. (Anna's here for part two of our miniseries on how designers think about pricing - part I thisaway!) We'll be back on January 2nd with a fresh episode - until then, promise to get in plenty of December R&R? READ MORE

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