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Hone Your Craft

How to Start Painting, Like, Tomorrow

Hone Your Craft BY olivia martin 08/09/2017
Cover powder room
Sure, Carly Ann Beck's sense of color and her creative vision are stand-out - see: C.A.B., her popsicle-hued collection of bags. But the fact that when girl decided, on a whim, to pick up painting and achieved gallery-worthy results almost immediately is still surprising - or at least very impressive. Proof of both her talent and her dedication: Her works have their own Instagram account, and, a year in, she's already selling prints. Here, her tips on dabbling in daubing yourself. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Revisit Six of Our Favorite A Few Things Episodes of All Time!

Listen Up BY liz 08/07/2017
Cover 052517 jenniferyoungstudio 11
It's finally August, and we hope you're soaking it up somewhere with wine and s'mores access - and now, to add to the fun, some golden oldies eps of A Few Things. We're taking a short podcasting break, but since we'd never, ever leave you hanging, we hand-picked six of our favorites from the 100 (!) we've got on tape so far. We'll be re-airing them every Monday - the list and some key takeaways are below. Just try not to judge our early sound quality too harshly, ok? We'll meet you back here with all new freshness on September 18th! READ MORE
Eat This

An Endless List of Ways to Up Your Trail Mix Game

Eat This BY liz 08/07/2017
Cover cover biking
There's one perennial constant at Of a Kind HQ (aside from Vanderpump Rules recaps): nuts! Our stockpiles of 'em help us survive those days when all we have for lunch is...more meetings. To keep things interesting, we asked snack-food genius (and totally offish nutritionist!) Marissa Lippert to take a minute out from dreaming up craveable dishes for her NYC cafe Nourish Kitchen + Table and her brand-new business Nourish Baby to help us mix them into some genius trail mixes so we don't get a raw (almond) deal. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

A Podcast Mogul on the Six Shows She Can't Get Enough Of

Stuff We Love BY liz 08/04/2017
Cover podcast
Jenna Weiss-Berman's been whispering in your ear. If her name doesn't ring a bell, we can pretty much guarantee you've heard a podcast she produced. As the former head of BuzzFeed's pod squad and the co-founder of Pineapple Street Media, she's brought aural masterpieces like Missing Richard Simmons, Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham, and Still Processing to your earbuds. The others she says you've gotta hear, here. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

8 Things This Super Creative Couple Can’t Work Without

Stuff We Love BY aleksa brown 08/04/2017
Cover unnamed 1  7
The story of one of L.A.'s most creative and #goalsworthy couples started as many things did in 2007 - on Myspace. At the time, Lindsey Mortensen was living in New York and working in fashion design when she got a personal Myspace invite from L.A.-based musician Hrishikesh Hirway,to see his band perform in the city. A few weeks later, Hrishikesh convinced Lindsey to move out west with him; six weeks after their first date, he proposed. "It sounds crazy, but yes," Lindsey says. "And now we've been together for 10 years!" And making' a marriage work isn't all they've been up to in that time - Lindsey launched Larsen and Lund, a line of buttery, grown-up leather bags, and Hrishikesh is the brains behind the popular podcast Song Exploder. They also both work out of their home in Los Angeles' Eagle Rock neighborhood, so we asked Lindsey to share what keeps them happy and hard at work 'round the clock. READ MORE

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