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Inside Job

Inside the Bright, Pet-Friendly Studio of Two Ceramacist BFFs

Inside Job BY katie nave freeman 05/12/2017
Cover bowie
If cuddly pooches, dreamy design, and creative biz women are your jams, then welcome to the breathtaking world of Franca. Ceramic goddesses Jazmin de la Guardia and Sierra Yip-Bannicq launched their co. in 2016 and typically spend seven days a week making ribbed-planter, splattered-vase, puppy-patterned-mug magic in their sunny Brooklyn studio. They took a break to share how they live their best lives in their mad-organized home away from home...complete with a daybed, perfect for ruminating on their next creations. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

5 Plants So Structurally Stunning This Designer Turns 'Em Into Jewelry

Stuff We Love 05/10/2017
Cover book story 1
Before Allyson Ross became a woman with a one-acre yard, she was an apartment-dweller with a seriously black thumb. "Before I moved here, the only thing I tried to take care of were cactuses, and I killed them 100% of the time. My rate for not killing plants is about 70% now, so I feel pretty good about that," she laughs. Good thing, too - those frond-y friends are the models for her line of hand-carved and cast jewelry, which immortalizes delicate blades of grass and barely open buds forever into rings and necklaces that never, ever wilt. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Turn Flowers and Leaves into Exceedingly Gorgeous Fabric Dyes

Hone Your Craft BY genevieve ang 05/09/2017
Cover 2
When Sara Dudzinsky isn't busy making magic for her earthy chic jewelry line Better Late Than Never, she's in the kitchen dyeing up a storm. We're not talking Manic Panic, either - her M.O. is bundle-dyeing, aka eco-printing, which involves wrapping plant fodder like flowers, maple leaves, and even onion skins in fabrics and gently soaking them to produce to-dye-for prints. Check out her super-easy guide below (and start rounding up those peony petals while you're at it). READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: How to Send a Cold Email and Become a Design-World Hotshot, with Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson!

Listen Up BY liz 05/08/2017
Cover afewthings ep88sc 3 sc insta
This week, Claire, Erica, and our special guest Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson are doling out career and networking advice as if they had guidance-counselor plaques on their desks. Included: how to properly send a shot-in-the-dark email and ways to work your way up the editorial design ladder like Elizabeth, the creative director of Afar. Plus: a bonus early-fashion-blogger nostalgia tour. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Eat and Drink Like a Champ in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Key to the City BY liz 05/05/2017
Cover juicery
What's that you say? Portsmouth, New Hampshire, isn't at the the tippy-top of your summer getaways list? Well, it should be - and don't take our word for it. Turn your attention to Emerson Fry, who fell so head-over-heels for the place that when she and her husband found a fixer-upper farmhouse, they put down an offer, packed up their NYC apartment, and became locals within the year. That was in 2008, and Emerson's love of Portsmouth, which is right smack between Boston and Portland, Maine, is still going as strong as a New England fisherman. One thing she raves about: the city's booming food scene - especially the seven spots that follow. READ MORE

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