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Listen Up

Listen Up: From the 10 Things Cutting Room Floor and How Olive & June's Founder Nails It Every Time

Listen Up BY courtney conway 06/19/2017
Cover afewthings ep94 sn3 insta
Discovering cool new stuff is practically a religion over here at Of a Kind HQ - and our weekly 10 Things list is its bible. But, real talk, sometimes the stuff Claire and Erica can't get enough of is...not exactly newsworthy. That doesn't make those finds duds, though, and now is their time to shine. This week's guest is also a longtime fave: Sarah Gibson Tuttle of the L.A. nail spot Olive & June that we wish would just open up in NYC already. Now, that would warrant a press release. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Claire Carusillo

The Insider BY kaylen ralph 06/16/2017
Cover claire carusillo
There may not be anyone doing more to push the boundaries of newsletters than Claire Carusillo, the well-moisturized mastermind behind the bonkers, overwhelmingly weird and wonderful weekly missive That Wet Look. Ostensibly organized around beauty reviews, the roundup pokes much-needed fun at beauty trends and includes friendly reminders that "it's all just Vaseline, anyway," along with at least one GIF of the author eating yogurt. Here's more of Claire's wisdom, which she found time to dole out between writing other snort-worthy snippets and studying for her fiction MFA. READ MORE
Eat This

One, Two, Tea Ways to Brew a Better Pot

Eat This BY genevieve ang 06/16/2017
Cover l1019809
When Ronni Kappos is hard at work on her bead-happy, vintage-charged earrings and necklaces, there's one thing that sustains her: endless vats of steamy tea. As you'd imagine, after a decade in business (and brewing), she's elevated the habit to an art form. And while she loves a formal pot - ideally from Tokyo's Bombay Bazar or London's The Orangery - she offered to spout off about her at-home steeping tips, below. READ MORE
Inside Job

Visit the Modular Brooklyn Shop That’s as Clever as the Clothes Inside It

Inside Job BY katie nave-freeman 06/15/2017
Cover wb 7115 wall 2
When Szeki Chan set out to renovate her 7115 by Szeki shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (she also has one in downtown Manhattan), she didn't just settle for a fresh paint job. In a quest to bring warmth, functionality, and versatility to the narrow, super-high-ceilinged space, Szeki harnessed the same unconventional-design superpowers that fuel her convertible, crazy-adaptable cocoon dresses and origami-inspired shifts. Welcome to the super-thoughtful serenity that is Szeki. READ MORE
Top of Mind

Top of Mind: Alynne Lavigne Has Lots of Thoughts on Trusting Your Gut

Top of Mind BY liz 06/14/2017
Cover av tom
Welcome to Top of Mind, featuring a designer who's been a part of the Of a Kind fam since wayyyyyy back (like, before Snapchat). This round, Alynne Lavigne, who along with her partner-in-shine Eve Tobolka, has been creating badass chokers and chunky, geometric earrings for their line (also named Alynne Lavigne) since 2008. She's here to talk about getting through the early days and also banana fries. READ MORE

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