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Emerging Thing Of The Week

Emerging Thing of the Week The Sill

There’s been a lot of moving around here lately—Of a Kind headed on down to the Financial District in April, and Claire and I both signed new leases this summer. You know what all of these new spaces do? They make you want plants—cheery, live things to line shelves and windowsills and make a place feel all inviting. So, if you’re in the market for a house/apt./office-warming present (for anyone! not just us!), check out The Sill, which drops off low-maintenance pots of greeness all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are pencil plants (top!), described as the “cowboys of houseplants,” and sweet little succulents in sleek-as-hell stoneware (bottom!). Oh, and the prices, including delivery, start at $32. —erica

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Emerging Thing of the Week Ditto

Ditto has the potential to be, as Claire put it, “the Sephora of eyewear.” And while the selection that the brand-new (we’re talking weeks-old) site carries is stellar—Elizabeth and James, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Westward Leaning—its fancy fit technology is even more stellar. Ditto takes video of you moving your head from side to side, asks you to put a Visa, gym pass, or anything else that fits in a wallet’s credit card sleeve up to your forehead for scale, and then makes a “ditto” of you so can see just how crazy/awesome you look in a pair of blue-and-orange Selima Optique frames. —erica

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Emerging Thing of the Week Mother Juice Food Truck

If there was such a thing as nose-to-tail eating in the plant realm, Mother Juice Food Truck would be it. Our pal Ellen Fitzgerald (above right!) and her friend Claire Schlemme are in the process of launching a Boston-based biz that uses as much locally sourced organic produce as possible to crank out juices like a pineapple, cucumber, pepper, basil concoction with their Norwalk (as they say, “the Rolls Royce of juicers”). But wait, there’s more! They use the pulp and fiber that doesn’t make its way into the drinks to whip up fruit leathers, baked goods, and popsicles. Smart, huh? Well, if you think so, give them some Kickstarter affection (a.k.a. money). —erica 

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Emerging Thing of the Week The Bootstrap Project

The baskets! The pillows!

How cool is this: The Bootstrap Project teams up with artisans all over the world, helping them earn a living and keep their centuries-old crafts alive. One of the things that makes this non-profit undertaking so special is that the site gives the makers credit—products are called “Rose’s Rug” and “Robiya’s Ikat Pillows,” for instance—and you can even browse by their names, so you can keep up with Sodiqjan’s woodwork if you go all crazy for it. Plus, the co-founders Maxine Kaye and Joanna Steinberg, style everything they sell—mostly housewares—exceeding well, so you can get a good handle on what it would look like in your home (or, maybe, the one you wish you had). —erica

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Emerging Thing of the Week Micheladas

Claire & I? We are *obsessed* with micheladas. As in, if they’re on a menu, they’re going to be in our bellies. If you aren’t acquainted with the drink, it’s a beer cocktail with lots of salty/umami flavors (soy sauce! worcestershire! etc.!), boatloads of tang (lime!), and plenty of kick—a less alcoholic, happy-hour-ready relative of the bloody mary, if you will. And though, like I said, we’ll order them anywhere, our favorite comes from the (really well-done) food blog Spoon Fork Bacon. I encourage inviting some pals over, firing up the grill, quadrupling the recipe (skipping the fussy honey-salt rim and the jalapeño garnish), and making sure you have plenty of citrus on hand for when everyone is hankering for refills. —erica

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Emerging Thing of the Week Designtripper

Wandawega Treehouse in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Taxhof in Bruck, Austria.

Nothing is filled with as much promise as vacation-planning. But very quickly, all that enthusiasm can give way to endless Kayak searches or hours spent trolling Airbnb. To, er, keep the passion alive, instead direct your attention to Designtripper, a site that unearths some of the coolest places to stay around the world—whether you’re looking for a sick treehouse in Wisconsin or a snow-ready inn in Austria. Hell, even if you aren’t booking a trip, it’s a stellar place to seek out interior inspiration so you can make the most of a staycation. —erica 

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Emerging Thing of the Week Stately Sandwiches

Illinois: Italian beef!

We have a significant amount of homestate pride around here—today’s designer, Jennifer Beeman of Hound, is from my good ol’ IL, and don’t even get Claire started about Delaware. Which means a deep, belly-filling affection for Kelly Pratt’s Stately Sandwiches project comes easy. It’s as simple as it is elegant: The Chicago design student photographs the components of the local between-two-slices favorite and catalogs them to her super-clean website, which also has a rundown of the requisite recipes and will, soon enough, make it possible for you to buy the photos as prints. Because how awesome would they look hanging next to your fridge? —erica

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Emerging Thing of the Week Herriott Grace

Ready for something more adorable than a father-daughter dance packed with first-graders in full skirts? Well, brace yourself: Nikole Herriot and her dad Lance live 3,400 kilometers (that’s 2,100 miles for us Americans) across Canada from each other, and when she made the move to Toronto, they started sending each other things. Lance had been collecting wood since the seventies and started carving spoons and bowls and all sorts of goodness to ship off to Nicole, and her mind was so blown that she wanted to share his creations with the world. So now Lance still sends his works to Nikole, only she styles and photographs them (stunningly, no shock), posts them on their e-commerce site for their company Herriott Grace, and mails them off to you. I mean, helllllo, Father’s Day present for the dad who cares more about cookin’ than fashion. JUST SAYING. —erica

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