Next Level

Next Level Hexagons


Hexagons are having a moment and not just ‘cause the World Cup is this summer (you know, soccer balls!). Here, the shape of things to come. —erica

LEVEL I: The cutest (and shiniest) little wallet we ever did see, from IMAGO-A.

LEVEL II: Daaaang, Jerome Dreyfuss really knows how to do graphic.

LEVEL III: The print—and the skinny little straps—on this Tibi tank kill.

LEVEL IV: Because, let’s be honest, your ears are tired of circles, and Eddie Borgo knows it.

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Next Level Lapis


We’re seeing lapis a LOT right now, and you know what? We think that’s a good thing. It has this fly night-sky quality, ya know? Get into it. —erica

LEVEL I: This Grace Lee ring would absolutely distract from a smudged manicure.

LEVEL II: Put on this Kathryn Bentley necklace, and it really doesn’t make a difference what else you’re wearing.

LEVEL III: Who says your ears have to be twins? Definitely not Mociun.

LEVEL IV: Fun with negative space! Thanks to this slicker-than-slick A Peace Treaty pendant.

"Next Level" madness—it’s happening over here.

Next Level Beach Towels


Do you NEED a jazzy beach towel? Nah. Do you want one? Yah—yah, you do. Four worth their salt (water?). —erica

LEVEL I: Stripes! In case you want to keep it classic, James Perse style.

LEVEL II: Saturdays does red-hot (kind of like you in your beachwear).

LEVEL III: I know: shut UP with this Maslin & Co. guy.

LEVEL IV: In case the sun isn’t bright enough for ya, there’s this Mara Hoffman sitch.

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Next Level Weirdo Hoops


We can get into a classic hoop (or, heck, a Jenny-from-the-block door-knocker). But right now, we’re really feeling these just-bizarre takes, and something says your lobes would, too. —erica

LEVEL I: These Ursa Major guys are fun! In an upside-down roller coaster kind of way.

LEVEL II: See those crossbars? Elizabeth and James put topaz stones on them.

LEVEL III: Collette Ishiyama does dainty AND fierce—yah, not easy.

LEVEL IV: If you’re not afraid to get a little aggressive, Eddie Borgo isn’t either.

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Next Level Straw Caps


Fedoras and Panama hats get plenty of love, but these days, straw *caps* are looking for a little attention, too. Ready to get your head in the game? —erica

LEVEL I: Clyde goes so freakin’ minimalist.  

LEVEL II: For a more ladylike, almost cloche effect, go with this Henrik Vibskov sucker.

LEVEL III: The rope detail of this Eugenia Kim one = very Overboard.

LEVEL IV: Not quiet, this Reinhard Plank take. But it’d be pretty sick with a tank dress and Chucks, if you ask me.

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Next Level Tie Shoulders


You know what’s more lovable than a halter? A tie-shoulder situation–why, like these four right here. Added bonus: adjustable! —erica

LEVEL I: Rachel Comey gives a Sabrina-esque black dress some summery flair.

LEVEL II: Come ON with this perfect beach dress, Ulla Johnson.

LEVEL III: You do not need old-school Goldie Hawn hair to pull off this Lauren Moffatt jumper. But it wouldn’t hurt.

LEVEL IV: Oooh, way to take things in a schmancy direction, MSGM

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Next Level Bananas


If you—like monkeys and Rachel Zoe—love bananas, here’s your chance to wear them. (Yes, yes, you can keep putting them in your smoothies, too.) —erica

LEVEL I: Depending on how you tie this Alexa Sophia scarf, the print can be obvious or abstracted.

LEVEL II: If these Mother of Pearl slip-ons don’t say tropical getaway, I dunno what does.

LEVEL III: These Faris earrings have a certain geometric flair that feels straight-up fresh.

LEVEL IV: Aaaand, thanks to Carven, the fruit goes Palm Beach prep.

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Next Level Jelly Sandals


You know what you should do when you have a sec? Read the Wikipedia page for jelly shoes. And then you should score yourself an updated pair because they’re baaaaack. —erica

LEVEL I: Navy T-straps from Rebecca Minkoff! You’d hardly know they were PVS if you weren’t looking closely.

LEVEL II: Pretty sleek with that translucent, near-matte look, right? Melissa knows how to do.

LEVEL III: Ah, this Miista situation—not far off from the glittery-ness you once played tetherball in.

LEVEL IV: Sophia Webster gets serious about the jelly (well, in a Rainbow Brite sort of way).

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