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Got It Made

Sew Simple Tips for Making (and Mending!) Your Own Clothes

Got It Made 10/12/2018
Cover 20181007 dsc03234
Before starting their own line Don't Worry Baby, Averil Blakely, Alice Heinz, and Stephanie Butterworth bonded over a love of sewing. Alice and Stephanie both learned the tricks of the trade from their mothers and admired the creations each other had stitched start to finish; fashion designer Averil was an easy addition. Now the three have turned their hobby so pro that their sewing is done in New York's historic Garment District. But they're still full of ideas and advice for anyone looking to delve into the world of needle and thread - so come on! READ MORE
Got It Made

How the Most Beautiful Crayons You've Ever Seen Came to Be

Got It Made 10/09/2018
Cover packing
Keetra Dean Dixon knows all the nooks and crannies of the design world - her job titles have included graphic designer, experiential choreographer (yes, really), RISD professor, artist, and now, business owner. That last one came out of an experiment making crayons from the wax waste of a larger-scale sculpture project she did in collaboration with her partner, JK Keller. As she remembers, "It was this weird, slow evolution, kind of a ripple effect that started with these enormous layered wax pieces." Here's the colorful story of how it all went down READ MORE
Got It Made

Behind the Scenes at a Dreamy Japanese Farm and Weaving House

Got It Made BY kiara mills 10/04/2018
Cover shoplab 01
Niime Tamaki didn't have to move to central Japan to start her line of wispy, striped scarves, but it tells you a whole lot about her that she chose to launch her line in the geographic region where similar textiles were made historically. That's because Niime doesn't do anything halfway - including founding a factory. Since she opened the doors in the early aughts, the Tamaki Niime studio in Nishiwaki (about a three-hour train trip from Kyoto) has become a hub for the local community, where employees grow everything from cotton they'll eventually weave to the fresh vegetables they serve in the on-site restaurant. Scroll on for a tour that will make you both wanderlusty and hungry. READ MORE

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