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Hone Your Craft

How to Work with Your Sibling, from a Sister Duo That Gets It

Hone Your Craft 02/20/2018
Cover samlisaptc2
If you know anything about Of a Kind, you know we're all about a work wife. So when we heard that Lisa Jones of Pigeon Toe brought her sister Sam on a couple years ago to help her run her booming biz, we had loads of questions for the both of them. Starting with the obvious: How do they do it without creating Thanksgiving-ruining tension? The two gave us the ultimate sister-sister lowdown on settling arguments, splitting up their work, and, of course, running a super cool ceramics company together. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

A Menswear Designer’s Quest to Make Shirting Work for Everyone

Hone Your Craft BY kiara mills 02/15/2018
Cover corridor 2
If you've ever tried on women's workwear, you've no doubt come across plenty of shirts that aren't flattering or comfortable. Dan Synder knows just what you're dealing with - and he's also mastered a special, three-panel design that's perfect for working or playing hard. His line Corridor, originally focused on menswear, started serving women as well a couple years back, and he has some intel to share on what it took to get his cuts juuust right. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Katonya Breaux Is So Bright, We Gotta Wear Sunscreen

Listen Up BY kiara mills 02/12/2018
Cover afewthings hero121 22
It's February, and you're probably sick of all your sweaters - but you'll feel better about them if you at least figure out a proper storage solution, we argue. Also, just because you haven't seen the sun in weeks doesn't mean you don't still need SPF, and Unsun founder Katonya Breaux is here to chat all about how she made an effective one that doesn't leave skin of any hue looking chalky. (She's also Frank Ocean's mom, which isn't super-relevant except as proof that badassery runs in the family.) READ MORE

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