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Interior Monologue

This Textile Designer Makes Quilts in Her Sunny Childhood Apartment

Interior Monologue 11/15/2018
Cover studio 2
Kiva Motnyk is part of a rare breed these days - a born-and-bred New Yorker who not only grew up in Manhattan, but also specifically on Thompson Street, one of Soho's coolest little lanes. The neighborhood's creative energy led her to a career dyeing textiles and turning them into the most gorgeous patchwork quilts, and, oh, her studio space is now based out of her childhood home (hence her line's name, Thompson Street Studio). See how she's turned her family's former abode into a warm workspace filled with bright fabric swatches, pretty ceramics, and heaps of natural light below. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

An Advanced Guide to Gardening (With Plenty of Weirdo Plants)

Hone Your Craft 11/13/2018
Cover heatherharvey brenphotography 005
The story of how Heather Stewart Harvey fell in love with gardening goes a little something like this, as she tells it: "I was living in San Francisco's Mission and renting a work-live space with a backyard that was really quite a disaster in many ways. My grandmother was a big gardener, so taking up her hobby made me feel close to her - and I just really took a lot of pride of place in this little postage-stamp garden." Things really bloomed when she moved to Asheville, North Carolina, over a decade ago, got a real yard to work with, and threw herself into seed-saving and sheet-mulching. Here, her five pieces of advice for anyone who's ready to move way beyond a raised flower bed. READ MORE
Listen Up

A Francophile’s Tips for Finding the Very Best Obscure Tunes

Listen Up 11/09/2018
Cover the staples singers
Sure, the new Robyn album is a blessing for all of us, but if you want something really fresh - and Spotify Discover isn't cutting it - count on Annika Inez. The jewelry designer has a major obsession with French music and knows a thing or deux about where to find the best obscure stuff to scratch that itch (and also has a playlist to share if you don't feel like doing the digging yourself). READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How a Small-Biz Owner Goes Hard on Local Causes

Stuff We Love 11/08/2018
Cover human rights campaign tee ad
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the news of the day, looking to make an impact, and getting stuck whenever you try to make progress, we've got a lady we'd like you to meet. Carly Burson, the Texas-based founder of the ethically focused clothing company, Tribe Alive, has all kinds of ideas for how to dive right in. Her aim: to help those close to home and (bonus!) get to know her neighbors better as she does. READ MORE

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