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Home Upgrade

Inside One Designer’s Airy, Ever-Changing Attic Studio

Home Upgrade BY leah bhabha 09/22/2017
Cover studio space 1
Even in her early days of jewelry-making - before she launched her line Uni for real - Kiersten Crowley worked out of her Portland, Oregon, bungalow. But back then, that looked like sketching and finishing her chunky cuffs and droplet-like earrings in a small corner of her laundry room. After too many years of cold, damp days - particularly during the gray Pacific Northwest fall - Kiersten knew she needed a space that would fuel her creativity and, luckily, she and her husband had a big ol' attic that ran the length of their home. It was unfinished then...but not for long. READ MORE
So Slick

So Slick: A Trio of Essential Oil DIYs

So Slick BY courtney conway 09/18/2017
Cover diy recipe
Essential oils are pretty miraculous - they are antibacterial, smell amazing, and can be used in all kinds of helpful ways. But with great power comes great responsibility because they really do mean business. Adina Grigore, creator of the excellent skincare line S.W Basics (we can't get enough of her cream and oil serum), knows the topic is a bit slippery, which is why she literally wrote the book on it, called Just the Essentials. In our series So Slick, she's sharing the cliff notes on how to glide on into this world. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Very Modern Guide to Ancient Athens, Greece

Key to the City BY marly fink 09/12/2017
Cover retroathens
Sure, your daydreams of traveling to Greece might feature remote islands and whitewashed lighthouses, but if you get to go, don't just pass through Athens, a hub of history, mythology, and, yes, amazing kebabs. Visiting a city of this magnitude can be daunting for even the well-ish traveled, which is why Stefani Stoyanof, a native and the jeweler behind of Swim to the Moon, is the best person to show you around. As she explains it, "There's something magical in Athens that drives anyone to lose track of time, enjoy delicious meals, and relax by the crystal blue waters of the sea." Uh, sign yourself up, right this way. READ MORE

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