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Hone Your Craft

How to Start Handbuilding Ceramics at Home

Hone Your Craft BY tess falotico 02/24/2017
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You've had that pottery class bookmarked for months, but the idea of hunkering down over a wheel - and committing to another weekly engagement - stresses you the eff out. So, hey, how about this: Chloe May Brown, who makes dreamy, perfectly imperfect ceramics in Portland, Maine, is here to teach you how to create clay masterpieces at your kitchen table. "Handbuilding is a great place to start when you're diving into the world of ceramics," she explains. "You need very few tools, there's very little mess, and there are tons of possibilities." Here's how to start getting your hands dirty, stat. READ MORE

Meet the Margabucha, the Sorta Healthy, Definitely Boozy Elixir of Your Dreams

BY neha kulsh 02/23/2017
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What do ya get when you marry a margarita and kombucha? Why, a margabucha, of course. The portmanteau cocktail was the brainchild of the three West Coast transplants behind the so sleek jewelry line Jefferson NYC - who are no strangers to trends in gut health or the siren call of happy hour. Everything you need to test-drive the fizzy tequila tonic (with bonus probiotics, mind you) below. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Design-Minded Guide to Mexico City—From a Native, No Less

Key to the City BY katie nave freeman 02/21/2017
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You might have flown through Mexico City on your way to Tulum, but if you haven't stayed for more than a layover, you're seriously missing out. L.A.-based jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas would know - the colorful, chaotic city is her hometown, and she and her sister (and biz partner) Teresita go back as often as possible. Here's what they don't miss when they do. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

A DIY Jewelry Dish You Can Make With 10 Minutes and a Trip to the Hardware Store

Hone Your Craft BY christina pellegrini 02/16/2017
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Sofia Ramsay might make her living in the realm of delicate beads and fine chains, but that doesn't mean she can't get down with tougher materials, too. "At hardware stores, there are so many cool objects with functional forms that can be abstracted," she says. On her most recent trip, she found a way to turn electrical and plumbing fittings and gardening supplies into utilitarian trinket catchalls. "The pipe forms are great to drape chains over so they don't fight and tangle," Sofia explains. Ooh, yah, sign us up for that. READ MORE

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