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Listen Up

Listen Up: The Co-Founders of Squeeze on Leveling-Up Their Work-Wife Relationship

Listen Up 04/22/2019
Cover afewthings hero1752
Today's ep features our very first live taping, coming to you from sunny L.A.! Our guests kicked off their relationship on the job when Drybar co-founder Alli Webb hired Brittany Driscoll to work as the brand's head of marketing. Fast forward to now, and the pair have co-created a whole new biz called Squeeze, a just-opened massage shop that aims to do for massages what Drybar did for blowouts. Listen in as they break down the evolution of their personal-professional bond. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Have a Very Vermont Long Weekend

Key to the City 04/18/2019
Cover getup
When Aliza Guttman's parents bought a house in Middlesex, Vermont, (right outside Montpelier), the intention was for it to be their retirement home. That didn't quite pan out, as Aliza explains: "They're too active, so they're not really retired yet! Now my siblings and I have this nice place we can bring our friends and get away." The haven is where Aliza workshops concepts for Faeber Studio, her line of architectural jewelry, and gets back in touch with nature - and her vintage-clothing-hunting skills. Follow in her footsteps, below. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Most Charming Studio and Shopping Street in Fort Worth, Texas

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 04/17/2019
Cover tribealive store ss19  24 of 32
Carly Burson and her small-but-mighty, all-women crew at Tribe Alive pride themselves on collaborating with artisans across the globe, paying them fair wages to produce block-printed caftans and breezy shorts, and they try to keep that same communal energy going at their Fort Worth-based retail space and studio. "Our small team of introverts and extroverts know how to get the job done and how to keep each other laughing in the process. We're not just co-workers. We're friends," explains Carly. Here, she hands things off to head designer Katie Sansom to share a tour of the space and the places you can find this gang around town when they're not at work. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

All the Reasons Your Next Party Should Be a Picnic

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 04/16/2019
Cover cmcptreyes photoby candy mountain collective
Sure, your monthly wine-and-cheese night is great, but if you're feeling antsy for a new kind of party plan, consider the humble picnic. For Liz Clark, there is no greater joy than basking in the glow of the Bay Area sunshine - especially when sprawled out on one of her own bright, color-blocked Nipomo blankets. That's why the busy babe launched a pop-up picnic club to encouraging her community (and herself!) to get outside and chill hard. Oh, and the whole thing has a bonus purpose, too, explains Liz: "Another goal is to spread awareness around the importance of cleaning up our outdoor spaces, so we bring along gloves and trash bags. Our hope is to build habits within our larger community." Here's how to follow in her footsteps. READ MORE

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