Thing of Beauty

How One Designer Learned to Take Care of Herself

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 07/17/2018
Cover studio meditation
A self-professed workaholic, Kristen Elspeth has spent years hustling to grow her line of delicate, intricate jewelry - and not so much time taking care of herself. But when her health took a nosedive recently, the L.A.-based bosslady decided to put some time into (you guessed it) self care (and getting a new beagle puppy named Rei didn't hurt, either). Here's what made the biggest impact for her - and though nothing works for everybody, seeing someone else's routine in action never hurts. READ MORE
Key to the City

4 Places You Gotta Eat in Chicago’s West Town

Key to the City BY leah bhabha 07/12/2018
Cover ninisdeli 2
Sarah Fox left North Dakota for Chicago for art school decades ago, but she and her husband recently made their residency extra official by buying what's called a two-flat in the charming West Town neighborhood. "Two- and three-flats are to Chicago what the brownstone is to Brooklyn," explains Sarah. "Our building was built in 1879, and the interior retains some of the original details." The other factor that sold her on putting down roots in this part of town? The proximity to all her awesome neighborhood food faves, which she's more than down to share with you. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Get in the Zen Zone, Arizona-Style

Key to the City BY courtney conway 07/11/2018
Cover tucson mineral   gem world store 2
Though the jewelry designer Luz Ortiz planned an Arizona adventure to Tucson, Scottsdale, and Phoenix to stretch her legs in the desert, collect cool gems, and eat all the Southwestern food, she ended up coming home to Brooklyn with some peace of mind that lasted way longer than the trip did. If that sounds like something you're seeking, keep on reading for her mind-clearing favorites. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Why Older Athletes Are Thriving, with the Guy Who Wrote a Book on It

Listen Up BY jahleel shaheed 07/09/2018
Cover afewthings hero142 2
On this episode, Claire and Erica are pondering a cashless economy - and what that that means for the bankless. They're also talking about how big-money athletes are staying stronger, longer, with Jeff Bercovici, the San Francisco bureau chief of Inc. magazine and the author of Play On: The New Science of Elite Performance at Any Age - and what that means for the rest of us. READ MORE

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