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The Symmetry Goods (Home) Office


Because Ted and Gena have other creative projects in the works at all times—he’s a drummer and she’s a stylist—their space has to multitask. As Ted puts it: “It’s a working office. The rest of the house is very minimal, and the office is a free-for-all.”

Ted: “The plaids are Woolrich fabrics, and there are a ton of different chambrays for spring—all of them are Japanese. Everything in that pile is either from America or Japan.”

Ted and Gena created a scarf in materials that they sourced specially for Of a Kind. Check it out—and score one of the 23 in existence—here.

Gena: “I haven’t been around a lot—I’ve been shooting. This area is a mix of everything from my styling work—so, inspirational stuff tacked around—and Symmetry. Both things happen there, which is why it’s a little…messy. There are usually a lot of clothes and accessories lying around, too.”

Ted: “All of our tags are tied to the garments. You are actually supposed to take the tags off of scarves, but I don’t think people know that—or they never do it. So we made our tags so that you sort of have to take them off.”

Ted: “For Christmas one year, Gena got me the bat—it’s a real vampire bat. Then, there’s this guy in Vermont who finds spider webs in the woods and goes out with glass and captures them. So that’s what you’re seeing in the background.”
Gena: “That was part of the bat Christmas as well. It was a creepy Christmas.”

Ted: “Angel’s our cat. She’s a 20-year-old and is very striking-looking. People kind of freak out when they come over because we have textbook-attractive pets.”

Ted: “It’s an old drafting desk, and there are a few things above it that I like looking at. A friend of mine passed away last year, so that’s a picture of him on the wall. Various collages I’ve done are tacked around, and the chair next to my desk is where Angel usually sleeps.”

Ted: “I grew up skateboarding—I was sponsored at one point when I was in high school—and Gena skateboarded, too. We both grew up in Southern California. There was a time a while back when I had a day job downtown, and I would skateboard to and from work—it was like four miles each way. That year, I got Gena a skateboard, and a friend of mine did the graffiti piece on it.”

Ted: “I’ve had extraordinarily fancy drum sets in the past, but this has worked out to be what I use. The kick drum is from a set from the seventies. The snare drum I found on the street—but it’s actually really fancy. The cymbals I’ve had since college—17 years ago?”



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