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Inside Job

Team Erica Weiner

Inside Job BY erica 01/11/2011

Erica Weiner has grown her business in many ways in the five years since she launched her ever-more-popular jewelry line—moving her operations from her kitchen table to a Lower East Side studio, for example, and eventually opening her first store. One of her biggest sources of pride is the group of lovely (and photogenic) women who work with her. “Every year, we’ve hired one more full-timer. So now we have five full-time people,” Erica says. Here’s your chance to meet them, pictured in hiring order.


Lindsay Salmon, co-owner
Erica: “When I got my first big order, I was in way over my head. I just went to sleep for almost 24 hours. I woke up a day later and was like ‘Oh, fuck.’ I called my friend Lindsay, who’s my business partner now. She had just lost her job at a bar. I said, ‘You gotta help me.’”
Lindsay: “At the time, I was changing careers. I was taking a lot of art classes. So I said, ‘I’ll make jewelry for you for free so I can learn how to do it.’ Then everything just got really big really fast.”


Sophie Fader, wholesale manager
Erica: “I taught a class at Sophie’s camp.”
Sophie: “I was a counselor-in-training, and Erica mentioned to my head counselor that they were looking for an intern. I was 17—a senior in high school. First, I worked at the end of Erica’s desk at her apartment. Then she and Lindsay remodeled the closet and put in a desk for me.”


Chelsea Williams, sales manager
Erica: “Chelsea’s roommate was an old high-school friend of mine. I think we’d just gone to our high-school reunion a week or two before, and we reconnected. And he was like, ‘My friend would be really good for your business.’”
Chelsea: “I was just going to help out short-term, but I stayed!”


Andrea Lipsky-Karasz, extraordinary maker of things
Erica: “Andrea is the only person we got without going through a friend. She answered a Craigslist ad that we put out for help, but she was just, like, born to do this. She also dresses in full 1920s sequins to work.”
Andrea: “I got my whole life on Craigslist—my roommate, my furniture, my job. Not my boyfriend.”



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