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Get Outta Town

Lyndsey Butler’s 10 Travel Essentials

Get Outta Town BY erica 01/17/2011

“I try to go out of town whenever I can,” says Lyndsey Butler, the woman behind the suitcase-ready, leather-fueled line, Veda. And while most of her travel used to be business-centric, she’s been able to squeeze in more genuine vacations lately—and is starting to get into surfing. “I’ve been a few times—in Costa Rica and Bali—and understand the concept, but I’m not that good. I can stand up, but I can’t say that I can do much more than that,” she explains. “But it’s fun. Any little progress you make, you feel like you just conquered something—like, ‘I stood up for half a second. I’m awesome.’ I kind of feel like I did when I first started Veda.” Here’s what Lyndsey puts in her carry-on for any excursions that involve sun and sand.


12 veda
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Veda


2) The Latest Issue of The Paris Review
“I try to pick them up every season. I get really into the author interviews. I collect them, but not really intentionally. They sort of feel like books, so I can’t throw them away.”


3) A Teeny Bikini
“I usually like the tiniest bikinis I can find—which becomes a problem when you’re going on vacation with anyone but your closest friends. I just want to get as much sun as possible. I think this one is Brazilian. I got it on the beach in Miami.”


4) A Moleskine
“I usually have some sort of a notebook. I don’t necessarily collect things, but I keep a lot of things in it—mail, pictures of friends, old receipts I don’t want to lose.”


5) A Beachy Lotion
“This Mountain Ocean Skin Trip lotion is always with me, and now my boyfriend won’t stop using it. It’s really nice and coconut-y.”


6) An Oversize Denim Shirt
“On the plane I wear shirts like one I got at the RRL in Malibu with boots and black Citizens leggings/jeans—jeggings, if you will. Then, when I get to wherever I’m going, they pack up nicely.”


7) An Easy Leather Jacket
“Sometimes wearing black in the spring can be a little bit harsh. We’ve been doing this Max jacket since the first collection—I have it in every color we’ve ever made—and for this season, we treated one to look like washed denim.”


8) Too Many Books
“I always bring more books than I need—like five books for the three days that I’m going away. Last night I stayed up until two in the morning finishing Freedom. I’m going to try to finish Flaubert in Egypt next.”


9) A Small, No-Fuss Bag
“On the plane, I’ll have a big bag, but once I get somewhere, it’s nice to be able to just tote around my ID, cash, lipstick, and camera. This Alexander Wang one is great because you can only fit the essentials.”


10) A Bright, Vacation-Ready Cover-Up

“I just got this when I was in Argentina. I have a lot of things like this that sit in a little suitcase, ready to be sifted through when it’s time to go to the beach. You get most of these kinds of things when you’re in an exotic place, so they have a story.”


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Salvador Jacket



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