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Jesse and Katie Make a Move

BY erica 02/14/2011

When Jesse Finkelstein and Katie King of JF & Son first ventured into the realm of clothing, they focused solely on producing stunning and intricate textiles for other designers. But it wasn’t long before they decided to start their own line and open a Manhattan shop to sell it. “I think having the store has certainly made us better designers. Being able to see women try on the clothes—it’s been really eye-opening,” Jesse says. Now, after a year and a half on Kenmare Street, they are moving just a little uptown, to University Place. Here’s what they’ll miss about their current location and the places that have them excited about their new ‘hood.


The Kenmare storefront

The Old: Nolita

Di Palo
Katie: “I always work on Saturdays with Travis, and so that’s when we go in. We have to take a ticket—it’s crowded, mostly with older Italian women. We pick out some prepared stuff, like white bean salad and seafood salad, and maybe some meat, cheese, and bread.”
(200 Grand St., 212-226-1033;

A Détacher
Katie: “I have a gorgeous ballet-pink slip skirt. It has little straps that you can either wear up or leave hanging down. It’s really simple and elegant—a classic A Détacher piece.”
(262 Mott St. #106, 212-625-3380;

Katie: “Ellen has probably the most amazing vintage in the city. It’s a small collection, but her eye is amazing.”
Jesse: “When we first opened the store, we did a collection with her—based on her favorite pieces, reinterpreting them. That was a lot of fun.”
(122 Ludlow St # 1, 212-471-0080)


Katie and Jesse at their old space

The New: Union Square

Katie: “Having access to fresh fruit in the summer is going to be really nice.”
Jesse: “I like the goat milk lady. She makes yogurt, kefir, and cheese. And I like the pretzel people.”
(E. 17th St. & Broadway;

The Adore
Katie: “There’s a French sandwich shop right by Parsons that’s really cute. It’s kind of rustic. I get their smoked salmon sandwich.”
(17 E. 13th St., 212-243-8742)





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