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Go Way Back

Cary Vaughn and Jenna Wilson Go Way Back

Go Way Back BY erica 05/09/2011


Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson met on September 10, 2001 as interns at now-defunct New York lifestyle store, Language. For these two, that first encounter would have been significant regardless of the hard-to-forget date. “Through the years, we worked together at different jobs and had a design team that moved with us. We got married around the same time, we were each other’s bridesmaids, we had kids around the same time—it’s kind of awesome,” Cary says. “We lived together for a while, and when we didn’t live together, we lived two blocks from each other in the East Village,” Jenna adds. “Now we both live in Brooklyn.” And now they also have their own line, Ace & Jig—named for the initials of their firstborns: Cary’s daughter, Alice, and Jenna’s son, James. Here’s a very smiley tour of some of their adventures along the way.

Day at Coney Island, 2002
Jenna’s on the left, and Cary’s on the right. Ed: Can you believe how adorable they are? Because we seriously can’t.


First trip to Paris together, 2003
Jenna: We went for work, and the hotel that we stayed at was super cheap. We had ten dollars a day for food, so we would just eat baguettes and sit at little brasseries.

Cary: And remember? We bought those vintage dresses?

Jenna: At Mam’zelle Swing in the Marais. We spent most of our time in the Marais.


Trip to Atlanta, 2004
Cary: We were there visiting some friends, and that was the beginning of a wild evening.


Party on Jenna’s roof, 2004
Jenna: That was my housewarming party—my boyfriend and I had just moved into an apartment

Cary: And my boyfriend was living in London, and he was coming back. So it was kind of an all-out celebration.


Jenna’s wedding, July 2006
Jenna: My dress was vintage, and we designed Cary’s dress and had it made out of antique lace.


Another trip to Paris, 2006
Jenna: This is at Clignancourt, the big antiques market.

Cary: It was an awesome time of our lives—we were working for LaROK. We got to travel all over.


Night out as a couple, 2007
Jenna: This is at a super-cheesy gay nightclub in Chelsea, and everyone thought that Cary and I were together.


Next generation of besties, 2010
Jenna: Our kids hang out all the time—our babysitters are actually related to each other. Alice and James think they’re like brother and sister. It’s really cute. They’re nine months apart.




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