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Kristina and Sarah Get Hopped-Up on Hues

BY erica 06/27/2011

When you first encounter the jewelry that Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega make under the name Mctega, the off-kilter shapes and the enticing colors will fight for your attention. Their palette ranges from pale neons to desert-inspired nudes to sea-water-esque blues, and the duo was kind enough to give us a tour of their current favorites living in their dye box.


From left:

Kristina: It kind of reminds me of a seventies refrigerator—you know how every house had Aztec gold or avocado appliances? If we’re missing something somewhere in our color scheme, we’re like, “Wait…avocado!” It saves the day a lot.

Neon Green
Sarah: When we got this, we were like, “Forget it—it’s the best thing in the world.” It’s so absurd and bright. We’ll usually tone it down a little bit with more clear, and it’s insane: The edges glow.

Kristina: That’s Sarah’s favorite.
Sarah: I’ve been into orange for a while now, but we don’t get to use it that much. Right now, we’re doing more in a purple-blue-green colorway, which I love, but that orange is so pretty.

Kristina: I think it’s one of our most-used dyes. I want to say it’s in about three-fourths of all the bracelets.
Sarah: We mix it with other blues and greens, too, to get totally different colors.

Kristina: I like the purple mixed with clear because it looks like natural-cut amethyst. It’s drop-dead gorgeous, with really rich purple streaks.





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