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Dominick and Mads on Three of Their Favorite Materials

BY erica 10/11/2011

Why go to a fabric store when you can source (sustainable) supplies in the rainforest? “For the first full line that we sampled, we did products out of banana fiber,” notes Mads Madsen, one-half of the duo behind the just-rugged-enough menswear line Baron Wells. Here, he and his cohort Dominick Volini share a trio of their top finds.


1) Corozo Nuts
Mads: We initially formed the idea for the company on a surf trip in Costa Rica, and we came across these Corozo nuts, which come from a tree in South America that you can’t transplant—as soon as you uproot it, the tree dies. It’s become a very localized natural resource.
Dominick: The first product we made was actually a cufflink. We paired this Corozo nut, which is harvested in the rainforest, with a piece of fallen-rack antler horn.


2) Japanese Oxford Cotton
Dominick: The majority of our fabric is from Japan, and season after season we do oxford shirting. The Japanese oxford cotton is just unbelievable— you can wear it in the summer on the beach or to a wedding, and you can also wear it in the winter.


3) Waxwear
Dominick: We made this waxwear parka two seasons in a row. I went upstate one weekend with my buddy from the Ace Hotel, and the guy we stayed with—turns out he owns a waxwear company. It’s a very organic partnership. He really appreciates everything we do, and we love the fabric he supplies us with. It was one of those interesting industry moments.


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