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Caroline Ventura Gives a Little Help to Her Friends

BY erica 11/04/2011

It just so happens that the Manhattan-based designer behind the pared-down, modern jewelry line Brvtvs pals around with some pretty creative girls. Caroline Ventura also, conveniently, has a model-esque appearance that comes in handy when there are lookbooks to be shot or portraits to be painted, and she’s more than happy to lend a hand—especially when it comes to supporting these three crazy-talented women.


22 brvtvs
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Brvtvs

Samantha Hahn
“Sam is an amazing illustrator. She does whimsical illustrations with watercolors. They’re feminine and beautiful, but they’re also really simple and restrained, which I like. A lot of her subjects are women. She just did a show called “A Thousand Ships” with famous literary characters like Helen of Troy, Daisy Buchanan, and Scout Finch, and there was a section of portraits of her friends, including me.”



Ilana Kohn
“Ilana is my newest friend. I met her only a few months ago—I read about her on Of a Kind, actually, and made a note to reach out to her. But Ilana emailed me first, asking me if I would be interested in shooting her lookbook. She achieves the right mix—she does a lot of boxy, tomboyish cuts, but the patterns she chooses are really feminine. Plus, I’m not a classically trained jewelry designer, and Ilana is self-taught as well. I have a great camaraderie with her and great respect for her because of that—everything she has done, she has done on her own.”



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