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Sara Dudzinsky Shops the Pacific Northwest

BY erica 11/10/2011

Sara Dudzinsky, the designer behind Better Late Than Never, is a Portland girl. She also makes some of the most surprising but understated jewelry we’ve ever seen—tiny, rough crystal earrings and slender hammered rings. Which makes her exactly the sort of person you want showing you around her own city and the upper left coast’s other much-loved locale, Seattle. These are the six places where she always finds the best stuff (aside from the stores that sell her own work, course).


The Golden Rule

18 better late than never
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Better Late Than Never

“On that same block as The Golden Rule, there’s a beautifully curated place called Sword+Fern. Emily Baker, the owner, has all sorts of home goods and accessories, and she also has her own jewelry line, which is awesome. It’s funny: Right now, we’re using some similar materials—crystals, seashells, stuff like that—but our work is so different.”


“Blackbird has a location in Seattle and one in Portland. They have a little bit of womenswear but great menswear—and they also carry a lot of great body products. I’m obsessed with Malin+Goetz, and they carry all of their stuff. The guys that run it are super nice. They are really into chatting with you—it’s a very personalized shopping experience.” (


“Canoe is fantastic. We just bought Hearth ceramics for our house, and we went there and picked them all out. I have my eye on this crazy, fancy mechanical pencil for my boyfriend, and they have some really amazing wood-slice cutting boards. They have a great online store, too.” (



“Totokaelo has a super clean aesthetic—very modern and white. Last time I was there, the jewelry was hung up on the wall with colored tape—literally just taped straight to the wall. It was really unique. I have a Shabd bag—a tie-dye one with a rope handle—that I bought there.” (


Lambs Ear Shoes
“If you want some amazing shoes, this is the place to go. The owner introduced me to LD Tuttle. I haven’t thrown down for a pair yet, but I’ve been obsessed with the line for a while.” (


Tenné Crystal Necklace
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