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Shannon Davenport and Julia Wilson on How to Rock Their Jewelry

BY alisha prakash 12/02/2011

Julia Wilson and Shannon Davenport of the chillaxed jewelry lined Fortune Favors the Brave have the kind of unique, gracefully cool style every girl wants to cop—and they make it look like it ain’t no thing. “Julia’s a little more tomboy, and I’m more bohemian,” says Shannon of what distinguishes their looks. “We are major wardrobe sharers, but we also wear things differently,” Julia adds. “We love jewelry because it’s something that can be passed down. Jewelry is a keepsake—you can give it to your kids or get it from your grandmother. It can create a really emotional connection for the person wearing it.” Below, the stylin’ gals talk us through some of their creations—including the awesome studs they created for Of a Kind. 



Julia (left): “I like masculine things. I like big sweaters, boyfriend-looking clothes. One of my goals in life is to be more laidback.”

Shannon: “I take risks. I like to experiment and play with colors and patterns. I also think I’m more grungy—I like Doc Martens a lot.”



Shannon: “This is my favorite necklace in the collection. It has a cool filigree cut-out, and I think the length is really great because you can wear it over a T-shirt or over a button-up and a sweater. We played around with the matte texture for the first time, too. We wanted it to be a statement piece, but a little more subtle.”



Julia: “Everyone can wear these studs we made for Of a Kind. We love them because they give a nice pop of color right by your face that totally changes the way you look.”



Shannon: “We started out with a Southwestern concept, and although we wanted to evolve, we kept the traditional Southwestern rope detail. I like that this cuff is rustic, but it’s also modern—a little tough. It’s a great example of something that’s pretty and feminine, but also strong.”



Julia: “Shannon and I both tend to pile on five or six rings when we leave the house in the morning. For me, it’s a way to feel a little tougher. We love turquoise—it reminds us of California—and braiding is a big thing in our current collection. Shannon and I both love long hair and braided things.”


Pastel Color-Block Studs


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