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Jesse Kamm's Designer Pals

BY jiayi ying 12/04/2011
Perhaps one of the most fun things we come across around here is just how connected some of our alumni are. But these days, we’re less shocked by how many of them actually know each other than by the circumstances under which they’ve become acquainted. Case in point: Jesse Kamm’s one degree from three past Of a Kind favorites—Alyson Fox, Elizabeth Yarborough and Clare Vivier. Here, Jesse shares all. 

Jesse’s portrait in Alyson’s book, A Shade of Red. [Ed.: More on that here.]

60 jesse kamm
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Jesse Kamm


The yarn whiz and textile guru wearing each other’s pieces at their La Pietra Project opening at Pulp Lab in Seattle.

Elizabeth Yarborough
“Elizabeth and I are old friends. At the time we were introduced, I was doing illustrations based on buttons and bows, and Elizabeth was making button jewelry. One day, a Vogue editor who knew both our work said to me, ‘You gotta meet Elizabeth Yarborough.’ It turns out many of the buttons I was drawing were ones Elizabeth was using in her pieces. It was just this weird coincidence. I ended up using a lot of her jewelry for L.A. Bloom—a film I was making for my spring 2008 collection, featuring L.A. girls who inspired me. We went on to collaborate on a project a year later—Elizabeth made bangles based on the fabric of my dresses, the print of which was originally inspired by all this marble I saw in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.”


Jesse sporting a Clare Vivier creation.

Clare Vivier
“Clare and I met through my friend Heather Taylor, who co-owns Taylor De Cardoba, a gallery here in Los Angeles where she organized this group show that Clare and I were both part of. That’s where we first met, but Clare actually wore one of my designs to the event. Nowadays, I stop by Clare’s store frequently—we swap a lot of bags for dresses. Clare took this picture—I love how you can see her in the reflection of the frame—of me wearing her bags and Elizabeth’s bangles.”





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