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Get Outta Town

Where in the World is A Peace Treaty?

Get Outta Town BY lauren benet stephenson 01/16/2012

In their pursuit to make the most stand-out, thoughtfully-sourced jewelry and scarves possible, A Peace Treaty has racked up some serious frequent-flier miles. Here, co-founder Farah Malik gives us a global tour of the sites where she and co-founder Dana Arib have worked. 

Dana apeacetreaty
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of A Peace Treaty


Bolivia and Peru
“We trekked to Bolivia and Peru to work with the Aymarra and Quechua indigenous artisans on knitting our collections.”


The line’s hand-dyed fabrics drying in the sun in Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan and Nepal
“We bought wooden looms for artisans who previously had to give up a family tradition because of a lack of demand. In Pakistan and Nepal, we work with hand-weavers, silk-screeners, and block-printers. We also bring dip-dyeing, sewing, and printing work to widowed or disabled women so they can work out of their own homes.”


Bone being shaped for jewelry.

Turkey and Rajasthan desert
“We had done a lot of research on bone jewelry, and what we noticed was that the trades had been dying out since the seventies when resins and plastics took over. So, we resuscitated camel-bone carving for our THAR jewelry collection. The task was then to find artisans who have a history with the trade—this is where our wild goose chase started.”


“The edition we designed for Of a Kind [Ed: Coming tomorrow!] was crafted by a group of artisans in Rajastan, India, but we were originally inspired by the jewelry of nomadic desert tribes—especially the Berber Taureg tribe that lives in North Africa. We were particularly moved by the Fourth Century Taureg queen Tin Hinan who was found buried in her tomb covered in robes and opulent jewelry on every part of her body.”


Lapis Dibeh Necklace



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