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Sarah Fox Gets Her Goods

BY erica 03/17/2012

Some of Sarah Fox’s sourcing for her bright and complex jewelry line Cursive Design is hyper-local, and some takes place on a more grand scale—but she always does it in person. “I find that I just really need to feel the material,” she explains. “And I’m kind of bad at measuring things.” This is where she tracks down her most interesting supplies.


Sarah fox at arcosanti small
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Cursive Design


LACE: L.Z. Products
“I have a place that I go to specifically for the crochet—a fabric store in Chicago on the South Side. It’s a family business, and I like the feeling of being there. It’s not very organized and clean—it has this old-warehouse feel. Most of the lace is white when I buy it. Some of it will be slightly grey, and then I have to bring it to white with a bleach mixture—to get the color right you definitely need to start with white. When I’m shopping, I’m always looking at the shape, and then I know that I can get it to where I need to, color-wise.”


BEADS: Bead shows
“They’re really fun and just invigorating because you’re surrounded by booths of beautiful things, and you really have to design on the spot. Because the prices are pretty good, someone could snatch up this loot of crystals or whatever, and then they’re gone. I love those days a lot, thinking about what you can do with these things and stocking up. I go to the International Gem and Jewelry Show—be warned that their website sparkles—and one year I want to go to the Tucson Bead Show, which is supposed to be huge with lots of interesting stones.”


Some of Sarah’s final products





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