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Bright Ideas from Garnett Jewelry

BY carlye wisel 03/16/2012

Some of the hues Aimee is hot on right now with one of the swatches that speaks to her.

With a little one on the way, Garnett Jewelry designer Aimee Munford is getting really (surprisingly!) chipper. “I think being pregnant has drawn on my playful side,” she confesses. “The bright colors, the fun little shapes and stuff—I’ve been inspired by the planning process.” Take a look at how her prenatal-ness has impacted her work. 


88 garnett jewelry
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Garnett Jewelry

“I like the way these colors work together…but how the colors are strong enough that just by themselves, they work as well.”

“God, I went through so much paint before I settled on these colors. They just feel like the epitome of spring—just bright and fun.”

“The yellow I used is a really bright yellow—not a quiet yellow.”

“It just amazes me that something that started from a really simple piece can be transformed in so many different ways and take on so many different looks.” 


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