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The Topo Guys Weave Together Form and Function


When Mark Hansen and Jedd Rose of Topo Designs craft a bag, it has to be aesthetically sound, and it must work. But nailing this combo is harder than it might seem—here, Mark and Jedd highlight a few key (good-lookin’, hard-hittin’) features. —seth putnam

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Their trademark leather diamonds:
“They’re not just cool; they actually work. They’re for accessory straps that feed through those slots and can hold a bedroll or a jacket or a yoga mat.” —Mark

The fabric:
We use Cordura fabric, which is milled in Connecticut. It’s nylon, but it almost feels like canvas.” —Mark
“Even better than that, when it’s wet, it doesn’t stretch or pucker like canvas would. It’s abrasion-resistant and holds its shape.” —Jedd

The diagonal front zipper:
“We made it diagonal so there’s a little more zipper. It creates a bigger opening than if it went straight across the top.” —Jedd

The lining:
We use a really bright yellow, and we do that with a specific purpose in mind: The bright color actually makes it easier to see and find things. Jedd took a simple thing—colored lining—and made it practical.” —Mark



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