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ACB Crafts Her Of a Kind Cuff

Got It Made BY alisha prakash 07/13/2012

Hello, sunshine.

“I’m process-oriented—not very conceptual. I like to play around with things and see what happens,” says Annie Costello Brown of the chill-but-sophisticated accessories line ACB. “I don’t do sketches and send them to a factory—we do everything here.” What is everything exactly? Take a look at the processes involved in creating her leather-on-leather (and radder-than-rad) Of a Kind cuff. 



178 annie costello brown
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Annie Costello Brown


“We pick the best, most compact leather from the strips to use in the cuffs. Leather is really amazing to work with because it’s so pliable. It also ages in a cool way. It forms to the body, so it automatically starts to retain the history of its wearer.”



“I then take the strips downtown to my die-maker’s studio and use his clicker press to punch out the tips of the cuff. Back at the studio, we grind the new ends to soften the edges and then treat the leather with beeswax oil so it doesn’t get dried out.”



“Then, we hand-cut strips of yellow leather to weave onto the cuff. Most leather jewelry is rocker, hippie, or equestrian, and what I’m trying to do is take all of those ideas and do something new with them. Some of the things I do with leather are tailored and minimal, but other things are complex—braided and woven with a lot of texture. I try to make it look fresh.”



“I tumble the solid brass buckles to remove their original coating so that I can redo the finish myself, usually by darkening and then lightening and tumbling again for a matte shine.”



“Then, we wrap the strips onto the cuff. I try and use one shape in as many different ways as I can. With this shape, by adding another strip of leather and weaving it like as basket, it gives it a collage-y feeling. It’s just a process of playing around with things until I think it looks good.”



“And voila! I just want everything I create to be my own original thing.”


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