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Got It Made

Scout & Catalogue’s Denim Short DIY

Got It Made BY jackie varriano 07/23/2012

Breanna Musgrove has some real dye savvy—and she’s willing to share it.

Scout & Catalogue’s Breanna Musgrove claims there are some fabrics that are just begging to be dyed. While silk is at the top of her list, denim isn’t too far behind. She’s agreed to show us her pro skills, transforming humdrum jeans into cool-as-hell cutoffs. 


+ Pair of jeans
+ A box of drugstore dye in the color of your choice
+ Scissors
+ Elastic bands
+ Big pot
+ Table salt
+ Rubber gloves
+ Mixing spoon that you can part with
+ Washing machine


Step 1:

128 scout   catalogue
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Scout & Catalogue

Step 2: “Use a sharp pair of scissors cut your jeans to the length you desire.”

Step 3: “Crumple your shorts in an organic fashion, wrapping your elastic bands to hold the bunching in place. Make them as tight as possible. When you think you’ve used enough, add a few more—you won’t be sorry.”

Step 4: “Bring the water and salt to a boil, wet the shorts, and place them into the pot. Follow the dye instructions for quantities and time required. Keep in mind that your garment should appear a shade or two darker in your pot than you want—the color lightens when it dries.  If you plan on dyeing often, consider buying a pot just for this process—most dyes have a toxic element to them, which doesn’t lend well to using your dye pots to also cook food. After you mix a dye vat with your spoon, don’t ever use it to cook.”

Step 5: “Once the shorts are ready, pull them out of the dye bath with your spoon and—wearing gloves—take off the elastics. Put the shorts into your washing machine and wash separately in cold water. This will remove any excess dye and give you a great frayed edge. Pop them in the dryer, and you’re ready to hit the beach.”




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