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How Bones and Feathers Collective Pulled Off Their Of a Kind Edition


Natalie Mauro and Cole Morral on what it took to make it all happen.

With their affinity for materials like animal vertebrae, it’s no shocker that Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall are a little unorthodox with their process, too. For their L.A.-based jewelry line Bones and Feathers Collective, they’re huge proponents of diving right in, and here’s what it took to get their Of a Kind edition to come together in the winning way that it has. —lauren caruso

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Natalie: “We don’t really make sketches or anything because we’d rather make an inspiration board of things we like. Then we get the materials and work them together like a puzzle. It’s a little more hands-on and organic, even though it’s not what I think a lot of designers do. It works best for us.”

Cole: “For the piece we made for Of a Kind, it’s been very much about finding a combination of certain colors and textures that we like and fitting them together in a way that makes sense to us. We’re experimenting now with sketching and a more traditional way of designing, but innately, I think we’re both more about just figuring out how to incorporate what we’re inspired by as we go.”

Natalie: “The metal components are all produced in L.A. We use pretty much only L.A.-based distributors and craftsmen. It’s very important to us that our product is made in the U.S., and we hope that as we grow as a company, we can figure out a way to keep our business in the U.S.”

Cole: “We love the shape of the shark vertebrae, and we’re really inspired by these colors, so we tried to find the right bead and the right shape to fit with the shark. It was really just about keeping our eyes open—we’ve never done coral before.”

Natalie: “The thing about the necklace is that the chain is adjustable. We’ve even had people use that necklace as a belt. You can wear it cross-body; you can wear it as a shorter necklace, as a longer necklace, or as a headpiece. There’s a lot of room for interpretation.”

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