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Melissa Michelsen's Way-Cool Prints

BY monica derevjanik 08/31/2012

Because she couldn’t bear to cut up other materials, she had to make her own.

Have you ever bought the most beautiful pair of boots, only to leave them on your shoe rack because you feared street scuff? Or maybe you were one of those exceedingly patient kids who kept a toy in its original package? Melissa Michelsen, the lady behind Love Mert, feels your pain. “I would come across all of these gorgeous upholstery samples and vintage fabrics, but I would fall in love with them and couldn’t bear to cut them up,” Melissa explains. Instead, the mix master began experimenting with her own prints, which are drawn and painted by hand to create an imperfect vibe that she’s drawn to. Check out her latest creations below. 


139 love mert
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Love Mert



The Kroller
“I was looking at an old collection of Mondrian paintings in one of my art books, and I saw a black-and-white one with crisscrosses all over it that I loved. I love patterns that are geometric but organic at the same time—geometric, but misshapen.”



The Striate
“I got them name from a formation in natural crystals—striation. It’s when you see little lines going through crystals. There are some prints I make that I like so much that I carry them into the next season with a different color palette, and this was one of them.”





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